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Missing image
Image:'M .jpg

'M (#000) - Missingno. (#000)

Name (Japanese), Number 'M ('M), 000
Stage Basic
Evolves from (none)
Evolves to Kangaskhan
Hit points N/A
Attack N/A
Defense N/A
Speed N/A
Special attack N/A
Special defense N/A
Special N/A
Species "Enigma Pokémon"1
Types Template:PokemonTypeBird,Template:PokemonTypeNormal
Height (unknown)
Weight (unknown)
Ability Disrupter*
Shiny color (none)
Gender distribution No Gender*
¹"Enigma Pokémon" is an unofficial term, but since there is no official term, this commonly used nickname species is listed.

*Theoretically, 'M should be 100% female because it evolves into Kangaskhan, and Kangaskhan are always female. However, 'M can't be transported into a version where gender is a factor.

*'M and Missingno do not have official abilities, not being true 'Pokémon'. However, it is to be assumed that the way they disrupt one's game is through an innate ability. Note: The reason so many of the stats above are "unknown" is because Missingno. is a technical error "Pokémon", therefore there are no official statistics to go by. 'M's battle statistics constantly vary.

The title of this article is incorrect because of technical limitations. The correct title is ▄█ 'M ▒░.

'M (also known as "M Block") is a glitch Pokémon, much like Missingno., which is found in the Pokémon Red and Blue Game Boy games and likely owes its existence to a programming oversight. Encountering 'M has been known to interfere with the save game data in various ways, such as adversely affecting the Hall of Fame saved data. 'M's presence also allows what is known as the "Rare Candy Cheat", the games' infamous item duplication bug which will duplicate any item that is 6th on the player's item list. The trick is commonly used to duplicate valuable and hard to obtain items, such the Rare Candy item. However, the duplication bug can affect any item in the game, not just Rare Candies.



'M looks just like Missingno., is the same type (dual Bird and Normal), has the same ID number (000), has the same things happen to it (like not appearing in the Pokedex when caught) and like Missingno., is only found in the wild in the Red and Blue versions while doing the "Rare Candy Trick." Yet it is not the same Pokémon. For example, 'M will evolve into Kangaskhan, which is something Missingno. cannot do (see picture). After a player captures an 'M, there will be an invisible Ditto still battling the player. This does not happen when Missingno. is caught.

'M often messes up the player's Hall of Fame and duplicates the player's sixth item like Missingno., but for some players, catching it can result in freezing, saved game deletion, and/or permanent inaccessibility to Pokémon Stadium for the particular saved game, although the chances of any of the listed happening are rare.

How to find 'M

'M can be encountered in the same way Missingno. can. The most common way to encounter 'M in the Red and Blue versions of Pokémon is to do the following:

  • Go to the northern part of Viridian City, and watch the Old Man's demonstration on how to catch a Pokémon. (see picture)
  • Fly to Cinnabar Island.
  • Surf up and down along the east coast of the island until 'M appears. (Depending on the player's name, 'M may not show up.)

More 'M information

There have been many rumors about 'M being able to evolve into Mew, but these have been proved incorrect. 'M will evolve into Kangaskhan when a Rare Candy is used on it or when it gains experience points.

'M is also commonly called 'M block because its name is comprised of two sets of glitchy boxes with "'M" in the middle. It is also sometimes but rarely referred to as G.M.G. which probably stands for "Glitch 'M Glitch".

'M is, however, a true glitch. There are 256 slots for Pokémon to be assigned to. These are labelled in hexadecimal from 00 to FF. 'M occurs in slot 00, a slot which was never meant to be used but which does not for whatever reason trigger Missingno. Instead 'M, a true glitch, appears. Why Missingno. is not triggered is unknown.

'M has always been overshadowed by its look-alike glitch Missingno. because the term "Missingno." refers not only to the Missingno. Pokémon but also to all glitches related to Missingno., which includes 'M.

'M in other Pokémon games

If Missingno. and/or 'M (glitch Pokémon found in the Game Boy games) are uploaded to Pokémon Stadium it will not mess up the game like some have suggested. When in Pokémon Stadium 'M will look like a substitute (a small Rhydon-like figure that usually appears only when a player has a Pokémon that uses the move substitute.) Missingno.'s substitute will be purple and 'M's will be blue. When looked at in the Pokémon Center within Pokémon Stadium, all of Missingno./'M's stats will be question marks (even though the ID# is a question mark, the Game Boy game confirms that both Missingno. and 'M are #000.) However, Missingno./'M will not be allowed to battle nor will it function correctly in the photo section (where players can take pictures of Pokémon). The photos of it will not develop if taken.

In Pokémon Stadium 2 (USA), Missingno. and 'M will become Dittos, although when compared to Missingno.'s Ditto (which is completely pink like a normal Ditto), 'M's Ditto appears to have a strange shade of purple.

If an 'M is taught the move Fly and then is evolved into a Kangaskhan, the Kangaskhan will be able to use Fly as an attack, which would not normally be possible. When the Kangaskhan that evolved from 'M uses Fly in Pokémon Stadium, it will look like that Kangaskhan is standing on air.

'M can be traded into the Yellow version from the Red and Blue versions, but instead becomes "3trainerPoke". However, if a player attempts to trade an 'M into the Gold or Silver versions, 'M could appear as many things from the Gold or Silver perspective, and a message will appear that says, "Your friend's <name> appears to be abnormal." The trade will automatically cancel.

There are many theories about 'M, but it is most likely a devolved Moltres that was partially deleted and is now a MissingNo. hybrid. This theory is supported by the fact that in the in-game Pokémon Red and Blue Hexadecimal List of Pokémon, used for cheats, Arcanine is directly next to Mew, and this is evidence that Arcanine was designed to be the fire legendary, but Nintendo thought it would be strange if there were 2 birds and 1 dog, so they created Growlithe based on Arcanine, and deleted Young Moltres. This theory is also supported by glitch Pokémon that are high on the list. These Pokémon are sometimes hybrids of other Pokémon, including the so called (PK symbol)(MN symbol)(glitches)a(glitches), which has a remarkable similarity to Poliwrath in Type and Starting Moves.(When caught, it has the moves of a equivolent level wild Poliwrath, even though Poliwrath is never wild.)

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