List of hereditary baronies

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This page is meant to list all baronies and lordships of parliaments created in the peerages of England, Scotland, Great Britain, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.


Baronies in the Peerage of England, 1264-1707

TitleDate of CreationSurnameCurrent StatusNotes
Baron De Ros1264De Ros, Manners, Cecil, MacDonnell, Villiers, FitzGerald-De Ros / Boyle, Dawson, Ross, MaxwellExtant 
Baron le Despencer1264le DespencerForfeit 1326 
Baron Camoys1264de CamoysExtinct 1372 
Baron Mowbray1283MowbrayExtantAlso Baron Segrave and Baron Stourton
Baron Berkeley1295de BerkeleyExtinct 1418Created by writ
Baron Bruce1295Bruceabeyant 1371Created for the Earl of Carrick
Baron Daubeny1295DaubenyExtinct 1548Created Earl of Bridgewater in 1538
Baron Fauconberg1295Fauconberge, Nevill, Lane-Fox, Anderson-PelhamAbeyant 1948Held together with the Baron Conyers
Baron FitzWalter1295FitzWalter, Radcliffe, Mildmay, PlumptreExtant 
Baron Furnivall1295de Furnivall, Nevill, Talbot, Howard, DentAbeyant 1968 
Baron Greystock1295GreystockExtinct 1306 
Baron Hastings1295Hastings, AstleyExtant 
Baron Segrave1295de SegraveExtantHeld by Baron Mowbray,Segrave and Stourton
Baron Strange1295le StrangeExtinct 1299 
Baron Grey of Rotherfield1297GreyAttainted 1487 
Baron Ap-Adam1299Ap-AdamDormant 1310 
Baron Braose1299de BraoseExtinct 1399 
Baron Clinton1299Clinton, Fortescue, Rolle, Walpole, TrefusisExtant 
Baron de Clifford1299Clifford, Sackville, Tufton, Southwell, RussellExtant 
Baron De La Warr1299la Warr, WestAbeyant 1554 
Baron Ferrers of Chartley1299Ferrers, Devereux, Shirley, Compton, Townshendabeyant 1855
Baron Grandison1299de GrandisonExtinct 1305 
Baron Grandison1299de GrandisonAbeyant 1375 
Baron Grey of Codnor1299Grey, Cornwall-LeghExtantAbeyant 1496-1989
Baron Latymer1299Latimer, Nevill, WilloughbyAbeyant 1551Also the Baron Willoughby de Broke. Created by writ.
Baron Percy1299PercyExtinct 1517 
Baron St John of Basing1299St JohnExtinct 1337 
Baron Lisle1299de LisleExtinct 1337 
Baron Stafford1299de Stafford, StaffordForfeit 1521Created Earl of Stafford in 1351. Created Duke of Buckingham in 1444.
Baron Strange1299le Strange, Stanley, PhilippsextantHeld by the Viscount St Davids
Baron Ferrers of Groby1300Ferrers, Greyattainted 1554 
Baron Botecourt1305SomersetExtantHeld by the Duke of Beaufort
Baron Zouche of Haryngworth1308la Zouche, Bisshop, Curzon, FranklandExtant 
Baron Cromwell1308de CromwellExtinct 1335Created by writ
Baron Beaumont1309BeaumontExtantSubsidiary title of Duke of Norfolk since 1975 
Baron Strange of Blackmere1309StrangeExtinct 1616 
Baron Lisle1311de LisleExtinct 1399 
Baron Cobham1313de Cobham, Oldcastle, Brooke, Boothby, Disney, AlexanderAbeyant 1951 
Baron Audley1313SouterAbeyant 1997Created by writ
Baron Willoughby de Eresby1313Willoughby, Bertie, Heathcote-Drummond-WilloughbyExtant 
Baron Strabolgi1318Strathbolgi, Burgh, KenworthyExtantCreated for the Earl of Atholl, now independent
Baron Dacre1321Dacre, Fiennes, Lennard, Barrett-Lennard, Roper, Brand, TrevorExtantforfeiture 1541-1558; abeyances 1715-1741 and 1965-1970
Baron Greystock1321de Greystock, DacreAbeyant 1569 
Baron Grey de Ruthyn1324Butler-Bowdon, Grey, Longueville, Yelverton, Gould, Rawdon, CliftonAbeyant 1963Created by writ
Baron Talbot of Richards Castle1325TalbotExtinct 1388 
Baron Maltravers1330Fitzalan, Maltravers, HowardExtantThe Barony is united with the Earldom of Arundel and is held by the Duke of Norfolk
Baron Talbot1331TalbotAbeyant 1777 
Baron Chandos1337de Chandosextinct 1353 
Baron Darcy de Knayth1331Darcy, Godolphin, Osborne, Lane-Fox, Herbert, IngramsExtantCreated by writ. Abeyances 1418-1641 and 1888-1903
Baron Poynings1337Poynings, PercyExtinct 1670 
Baron le Despencer1338le DespencerExtinct 1349 
Baron Dudley1342de Sutton, Sutton, WardAbeyant 1757 
Baron Lisle1357de Lisle, de Berkeley, BeauchampAbeyant 1420 
Baron Botreaux1368BotreauxAbeyant 1960The Barony is in abeyance together with the Baronies of Stanley and Hastings
Baron Aldeburgh1371AldeburghAbeyant 1391 
Baron Stafford1371StaffordAbeyant 1445 
Baron Cromwell1375Cromwell, Stanhope, Bewicke-CopleyExtantCreated by writ
Baron le Despencer1375le Despencer, Beauchamp, Fane, Dashwood, Stapleton, BoscawenExtantAlso the Viscount Falmouth.
Baron Clifton1376CliftonExtinct 1394 
Baron Camoys1383de Camoys, StonerExtantCreated by writ
Baron Lumley1384LumleyAttainted 1400 
Baron le Despencer1387le DespencerExtinct 1424 
Baron Bergavenny1392Beauchamp, NevillExtantcreated Earl of Abergavenny in 1784, Marquess of Abergavenny in 1876.
Baron Stafford1411StaffordExtinct 1420 
Baron Berkeley1421Berkeley, Milman, Foley, GueterbockExtantCreated by writ. Current incumbent Baron Gueterbock.
Baron Hungerford1426HungerfordExtinct 1463 
Baron Latymer1432Nevill, Coutts-Nevill, Money-Coutts-NevillExtantCreated by writ.
Baron Dudley1440Sutton, Ward, Lea, Smith, Hamilton, WallaceExtantCreated by writ
Baron Lisle1444TalbotAbeyant 1470Created Viscount Lisle in 1451
Baron De Moleyns1445De Moleyns,..,PhilippsExtantThe Barony is at present held by the Viscount St Davids
Baron Ferrers of Groby1446GreyAttainted 1554Also Baron Grey of Groby. Created Marquess of Dorset in 1475. Created Duke of Suffolk in 1551.
Baron Saye and Sele1447Fiennes, TwisletonExtant 
Baron Stourton1448StourtonExtantThe Barony is held by Baron Mowbray,Segrave and Stourton
Baron Grey of Groby1449GreyAttainted 1554Held by the Duke of Suffolk.
Baron Berners1455Bourchier, Knyvett, Bokenham, Wilson, Williams, KirkhamExtantCreated by writ
Baron Stanley1456StanleyAbeyant 1960The Barony is in abeyance together with the Baronies of Bortreaux and Hastings.
Baron Dacre1459DacreAbeyant (or extinct (?)) 1461 
Baron Herbert of Chepstow, Raglan and Gower1461HerbertExtinct 1506
Baron Hastings of Hastings1461HastingsAbeyant 1960The Barony is in abeyance together with the Baronies of Stanley and Bortreaux.
Baron Herbert1461Herbert, Somerset, SeyfriedExtant
Baron Howard1470HowardAbeyant 1777
Baron Lisle1475GreyExtinct 1504Created Viscount Lisle in 1483
Baron Dacre of Gillesland1482Dacre, HowardExtantCreated Earl of Carlisle in 1661.
Baron Grey of Powys1482GreyAbeyant 1552
Baron Hungerford1482HungerfordExtantCreated with precedence of 1426. Held by the Viscount St Davids.
Baron Dacre of Gillesland1482Dacre, (Hay, (?)) HowardExtant Held by the Earl of Carlisle.
Baron Daubeny1486DaubenyExtinct 1548Status uncertain, recreation of earlier Baron Daubeny?
Baron Willoughby de Broke1491Willoughby, Greville, VerneyExtant
Baron Herbert of Raglan1506SomersetExtantHeld by the Duke of Beaufort.
Baron Conyers1509Conyers, Darcy, D'Arcy, Oxborne, Lane-Fox, Anderson-PelhamAbeyant 1948The Barony is in abeyance together with the Baron Fauconberg
Baron Herbert of Herbert1509SomersetExtantHeld by the Duke of Beaufort
Baron Darcy de Darcy1509Darcy(Abeyant or) Forfeit 1537
Baron Vaux of Harrowden1523Vaux, Mostyn, GilbeyExtant
Baron Braye1529Braye, Otway-Cave, Wyatt-Edgell, Verney-Cave, Aubrey-FletcherExtantCreated by writ
Baron Windsor1529Windsor, Hickman, Windsor-CliveExtantHeld by the Earl of Plymouth
Baron Wentworth1529Wentworth, Bulwer-LyttonExtantAlso Earl of Lytton. Created by writ.
Baron Burgh1529Burgh, LeithExtant
Baron St John of Basing1539PauletExtantThe Barony is held by the Marquess of Winchester
Baron Russell of Cheneys1539RussellExtantThe Barony is held by the Duke of Bedford
Baron Wharton1544Wharton, Kemys-Tynte, Vintcent, RobertsonExtant
Baron Seymour1546SeymourExtantHeld by the Duke of Somerset
Baron Lumley1547LumleyExtinct 1609
Baron Seymour of Sudeley1547SeymourAttainted 1549
Baron Stafford1547StaffordExtinct 1640
Baron Willoughby of Parham1547Willoughby???
Baron Darcy1548DarcyAbeyant or Extinct 1635
Baron Paget1552PagetExtantCreated by writ
Baron Herbert of Cardiff1551HerbertExtantSubsidiary title of the Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery
Baron Chandos1554Brydgesdormant 1789created Earl of Carnarvon in 1714. Created Duke of Chandos in 1719.
Baron North1554NorthAbeyant 1942
Baron Howard of Effingham1554HowardExtantCreated Earl of Nottingham in 1596. Created Earl of Effingham (GB) in 1731. Created Earl of Effingham (UK) in 1837.
Baron Percy1557PercyExtinct 1670
Baron Saint John of Bletso1559St JohnExtant
Baron Beauchamp of Hache1559SeymourExtinct 1750
Baron Lisle1561DudleyExtinct 1590
Baron Buckhurst1567Sackvilleextinct 1843created Earl of Dorset in 1604; Duke of Dorset in 1720.
Baron Burghley1571CecilExtantCreated Earl of Exeter in 1605. Created Marquess of Exeter in 1801.
Baron De La Warr1572WestExtantCreated Earl De La Warr in 1761.
Baron Norreys of Rycote1572Norreys, BertieExtantCreated Earl of Abingdon in 1682. Also Earl of Lindsey.
Baron Howard de Walden1597Howard, Scott-Ellis, CzerninExtantTitle created by writ.
Baron Cecil of Essendon1603CecilExtantCreated Earl of Salisbury in 1605. Created Marquess of Salisbury in 1789.
Baron Ellesmere1603EgertonExtinct 1829created Viscount Brackley in 1616;Earl of Bridgewater in 1617.
Baron Grey of Groby1603GreyExtinct 1976Created Earl of Stamford in 1628.
Baron Petre1603PetreExtant
Baron Russell of Thornhaugh1603RussellExtantHeld by the Duke of Bedford
Baron Spencer of Wormleighton1603SpencerExtantCreated Earl of Sunderland in 1643. Became Duke of Marlborough in 1733.
Baron Howard of Marnhull1604HowardExtinct 1614Subsidiary title of the Earl of Northampton.
Baron Arundell of Wardour1605ArundelExtinct 1944
Baron Cavendish of Hardwick1605CavendishExtantCreated Earl of Devonshire in 1618. Created Duke of Devonshire in 1694.
Baron Herbert of Shurland1605HerbertExtantThe Barony belongs to the Earl of Montgomery and is held by the Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery.
Baron Clifton of Leighton Bromswold1608BlighExtantCreated by writ. Held by the Earl of Darnley.
Baron Settrington1613StuartExtinct 1672
Baron Dormer1615DormerExtant
Baron Teynham1616RoperExtant
Baron Whaddon1619VilliersExtinct 1687
Baron of Innerdale1619Hamiltonextinct 1651subsidiary of Earl of Cambridge
Baron Montagu of Kimbolton1620MontaguExtantSubsidiary title of the Viscount Mandeville. Created Earl of Manchester in 1626. Created Duke of Manchester in 1719.
Baron Feilding1620FeildingExtantSubsidiary title of the Viscount Feilding. Created Earl of Desmond in 1622. Created Earl of Denbigh in 1622.
Baron Ogle1620Ogle, CavendishExtinct 1691Subsidiary title of Viscount Mansfield
Baron Brooke1621GrevilleExtantCreated Earl Brooke in 1746 and Earl of Warwick in 1759.
Baron Howard of Charlton1622HowardExtantThe Barony belongs to the Viscountcy of Andover and is held by the Earl of Suffolk.
Baron Burghersh1624FaneExtantSubsidiary title of the Earl of Westmorland.
Baron Conway1624ConwayExtinct 1683Created Viscount Conway in 1627. Created Earl of Conway in 1679.
Baron Grey of Chillingham1624GreyExtinct 1706
Baron Craven1626CravenExtantCreated Earl of Craven in 1801.
Baron Fauconberg1627BelasyseExtinct 1815Created Viscount Fauconberg in 1643.
Baron FitzAlan1627Beaumont, FitzAlan-HowardExtantThe Barony is united with the Earldom of Arundel and is held by the Duke of Norfolk.
Baron Brudenell1628BrudenellExtantCreated Earl of Cardigan in 1661. Created Marquess of Ailesbury in 1821.
Baron Clifford1628Clifford, Boyle, CavendishAbeyant 1858
Baron Hervey1628HerveyExtinct 1642Also Baron Hervey of Ross.
Baron Howard of Escrick1628HowardExtinct 1715
Baron Strange1628Stanley, Drummond of MegginchAbeyant 1982Created by writ.
Baron Herbert of Chirbury1628HerbertExtinct 1691
Baron Cavendish of Bolsover1628CavendishExtinct 1691Held by Viscount Mansfield. Created Marquess of Newcastle in 1643. Created Duke of Newcastle in 1664.
Baron Wentworth of Wentworth-Woodhouse1628WentworthExtinct 1695
Baron Powis1629HerbertExtinct 1748Created Earl of Powis in 1674. Created Marquess of Powis in 1687.
Baron Finch of Fordwich1640FinchExtinct 1660
Baron Stafford1640Howard, Jerningham, FitzHerbertExtant
Baron Bruce of Skelton1641BruceExtinct 1747Subsidiary title of the Earl of Ailesbury. Also the Earl of Elgin.
Baron Capel1641CapelExtantSubsidiary title of the Earl of Essex
Baron Byron1643ByronExtant
Baron Craven of Ryton1643CravenExtinct 1650
Baron Astley of Reading1644AstleyExtinct 1688
Baron Clifford of Lanesborough1644BoyleExtinct 1750Joined with the Earldom of Burlington.
Baron Ward1644WardExtantcreated Earl of Dudley in 1860.
Baron Cholmondeley1645Cholmondeleyextinct 1659Created for the Earl of Leinster.
Baron Cobham1645Brookeextinct 1660 
Baron Monck1660Monckextinct 1688subsidiary title of the Duke of Albemarle
Baron Montagu of St Neots1660MontaguExtantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Sandwich.
Baron FitzHerbert1660Finchextinct 1729 
Baron Ashley1661Ashley-CooperextantCreated Earl of Shaftesbury in 1672.
Baron Delamer1661Boothextinctcreated Earl of Warrington in 1694
Baron Townshend1661TownshendextantCreated Viscount Townshend in 1682. Created Marquess of Townshend in 1787.
Baron Scott of Tynedale1663Montagu, Douglas, ScottExtantSubsidiary title of the Earl of Doncaster. Held by the Duke of Buccleuch.
Baron Lucas of Crudwell1663LucasExtantAlso Lord Dingwall.
Baron Arundell of Trerice1664ArundellExtinct 1768
Baron St Liz1664FeildingExtantThe Barony is held by the Earl of Denbigh, who is also the Earl of Desmond.
Baron Arlington1665Bennet-FitzroyExtantCreated Earl of Arlington in 1672. All titles abeyant 1936-99, when the abeyance of the barony was terminated.
Baron Craven1665CravenExtantCreated for the Earl of Craven, but separated on the latter title's extinction. Created Earl of Craven in 1801.
Baron Howard1669HowardExtinct 1777Created Earl of Norwich in 1672.
Baron Clifford of Chudleigh1672CliffordExtant
Baron Cooper1672Ashley-CooperExtantSubsidiary title of the Earl of Shaftesbury.
Baron Sudbury1672FitzroyExtantSubsidiary title of the Earl of Euston. Created Duke of Grafton in 1675.
Baron Grey of Rolleston1673NorthExtinct 1734
Baron Finch1674FinchExtantThe Barony is held by the Earl of Nottingham, who is now also Earl of Winchilsea.
Baron Settrington1675Gordon-LennoxExtantThe Barony belongs to the Dukedom of Richmond and is held by the Duke of Richmond and Lennox.
Baron Heddington1676BeauclerkExtantSubsidiary title of the Earl of Burford. Created Duke of St Albans in 1684.
Baron Manners of Haddon1679MannersExtantCreated for the Earl of Rutland. Created Duke of Rutland in 1703.
Baron Lumley1681LumleyExtantCreated Earl of Scarborough in 1690.
Baron Alington of Wymondley1682AlingtonExtinct 1691Also Baron Alington of Killard in the Peerage of Ireland.
Baron Thynne1682ThynneExtantSubsidiary title of the Viscount Weymouth. Created Marquess of Bath in 1789.
Baron Guilford1683NorthExtantCreated Earl of Guilford in 1752.
Baron Churchill of Sundridge1685ChurchillExtantCreated for the Earl of Sunderland. Created Duke of Marlborough in 1689.
Baron Waldegrave1686WaldegraveExtantCreated Earl Waldegrave in 1729.
Baron Cirencester1689BentinckExtinct 1990Subsidiary title of the Earl of Portland. Created Duke of Portland in 1716.
Baron Cholmondeley of Namptwich1689CholmondeleyExtantCreated Earl of Cholmondeley in 1706. Created Marquess of Cholmondeley in 1815.
Baron Torbay1689HerbertExtinct 1716Subsidiary title of the Earl of Torrington.
Baron Capel of Tewkesbury1692CapelExtinct 1696
Baron Portarlington1692de RuvignyExtinct 1720Subsidiary title of the Viscount Galway. Created Earl of Galway in 1697.
Baron Herbert of Chirbury1694HerbertExtinct 1738
Baron Howland1695RussellExtantHeld by the Duke of Bedford
Baron Ashford1697van KeppelExtantSubsidiary title of the Earl of Albermarle.
Baron Shingay1697RussellExtinct 1727
Baron Barnard1698VaneExtant
Baron Halifax1700MontaguExtinct 1772
Baron Guernsey1703Finch-KnightlyExtantCreated the Earl of Aylesford in 1714.
Baron Gower1703Leveson-GowerExtantCreated the Earl Gower in 1746. Created the Marquess of Stafford in 1786. Created the Duke of Sutherland in 1833.
Baron Conway of Ragley1703SeymourExtantCreated Earl of Hertford in 1750. Created Marquess of Hertford in 1793.
Baron Hervey of Ickworth1703HerveyExtantCreated Earl of Bristol in 1714. Created Marquess of Bristol in 1826.
Baron Chesterford1706HowardExtinct 1722Subsidiary title of the Earl of Bindon.

Lordships of Parliament in the Peerage of Scotland, 1233-1707

For - mainly Scottish - feudal Barons, see List of feudal baronies.

TitleDate of CreationSurnameCurrent StatusNotes
Lord Abernethy1233Abernethyextinct 1325 
Lord Strathnaver1235de Moraviaextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Sutherland
Lord Garioch1320of Marextantalso Earl of Mar
Lord Lindsay of Crawford1398Lindsayextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Crawford
Lord Erskine1429Erskineextantalso Earl of Mar (first creation) from 1438 until 1866 and Earl of Mar (second creation) and Earl of Kellie since 1866
Lord Hay1429Hayextantcreated Earl of Erroll in 1453
Lord Balveny1437Douglasforfeit 1455subsidiary title of the Earl of Avondale, also Earl of Douglas from 1440
Lord Lorne1439StewartResigned 1626Created Earl of Atholl in 1596
Lord Cathcart1442Cathcartextantcreated Viscount Cathcart in the United Kingdom in 1807 and Earl Cathcart in the United Kingdom in 1814
Lord Forbes1442Forbesextant 
Lord Crichton1443Crichtonforfeit 1484 
Lord Hamilton1445Hamiltonforfeit 1585created Earl of Arran in 1503, lost by insanity of the 3rd earl
Lord Maxwell1445Maxwellforfeit 1716created Earl of Nithsdale in 1620
Lord Glamis1445Lyonextantcreated Earl of Kinghorne in 1606, which title changed to Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne in 1677
Lord Graham1445Grahamextantcreated Earl of Montrose in 1505, Marquess of Montrose in 1644 and Duke of Montrose in 1707
Lord Leslie and Ballinbreich1445Leslieextantcreated Earl of Rothes in 1458
Lord Lindsay of the Byres1445Lindsayextantcreated Earl of Lindsay in 1633
Lord Saltoun1445Abernethyextant 
Lord Campbell1445Campbellextantcreated Earl of Argyll in 1457 and Duke of Argyll in 1701
Lord Gray1445Grayextant 
Lord Montgomerie1449Montgomerieextantcreated Earl of Eglinton in 1508
Lord Sinclair1449Sinclairextant 
Lord Fleming1451Flemingextinct 1747created Earl of Wigtown in 1606
Lord Seton1451Setonforfeit 1716created Earl of Winton in 1600
Lord Slains1452Hayextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Erroll
Lord Borthwick1452Borthwicklextant 
Lord Boyd1454Boydforfeit 1746created Earl of Arran in 1467 which title forfeit 1469, created Earl of Kilmarnock in 1661
Lord Kennedy1457Kennedyextantcreated Earl of Cassillis in 1509 and Marquess of Ailsa in 1831
Lord Livingston1458Livingstonforfeit 1716created Earl of Linlithgow in 1600
Lord Darnley1460Stewartmerged in the Crown 1571created Earl of Lennox in 1488
Lord Oliphant1464Oliphantextinct 1748 
Lord Lovat1464Fraserextant 
Lord Innermeath1469Stewartextinct 1625created Earl of Atholl in 1596
Lord Auchterhouse1469Stewartextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Buchan
Lord Berriedale1469Sinclairextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Caithness
Lord Lorne1470Campbellextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Argyll, created Duke of Argyll in 1701
Lord Carlyle of Torthorwald1473Carlylesurrendered 1638 
Lord Home1473Homeextantcreated Earl of Home in 1605
Lord Bothwell1485Ramsayforfeit 1488 
Lord Brechin and Navar1488Stewartextinct 1504subsidiary title of the Duke of Ross
Lord Ruthven1488Ruthvenforfeit 1600created Earl of Gowrie in 1581
Lord Crichton of Sanquhar1488Crichtonextantcreated Viscount of Ayr in 1622, Earl of Dumfries in 1633 and Marquess of Bute in the United Kingdom in 1804
Lord Drummond1488Drummondextantcreated Earl of Perth in 1605
Lord Hay of Yester1488Hayextantcreated Earl of Tweeddale in 1646 and Marquess of Tweeddale in 1694
Lord Sempill1489Sempillextant 
Lord Herries of Terregles1490Herriesextant 
Lord Ogilvy of Airlie1491Ogilvyextantcreated Earl of Airlie in 1639
Lord Ross of Halkhead1499Rossextinct 1754 
Lord Elphinstone1510Elphinstoneextant 
Lord Ochiltree1543Stewartextinct 1675 
Lord Abernethy and Strathearn1562Stewartextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Moray
Lord Torphichen1564Sandilandsextant 
Lord Ardmannoch1565Stewartmerged in the Crown 1567subsidiary title of the Duke of Albany
Lord Darnley1572Stuartextinct 1576subsidiary title of the Earl of Lennox
Lord Darnley1578Stuartresigned 1580subsidiary title of the Earl of Lennox
Lord Darnley, Aubigny and Dalkeith1580Stuartextinct 1672subsidiary title of the Earl of Lennox, created Duke of Lennox in 1581
Lord Dunbar1580Stuartextinct 1586subsidiary title of the Earl of March
Lord Aubigny, Dalkeith, Torboltoun and Aberdour1581Stuartextinct 1672subsidiary title of the Duke of Lennox
Lord Doune1581Stewartextantalso Earl of Moray since 1590
Lord Dingwall1584Keithextinct 1600 
Lord Paisley1587Hamiltonextantalso Earl of Abercorn since 1621, created Marquess of Abercorn in Great Britain in 1790 and Duke of Abercorn in Ireland in 1868
Lord Spynie1590Fullartonextinct 1671 
Lord Maitland1590Maitlandextantcreated Viscount Lauderdale in 1616, Earl of Lauderdale in 1624 and Duke of Lauderdale in 1672, which title extinct 1682
Lord Aven1591Hamiltonextinct 1651subsidiary title of the Marquess of Hamilton, created Duke of Hamilton in 1643
Lord Newbottle1591Kerrextantalso Earl of Lothian since 1631, created Marquess of Lothian in 1701
Lord Fyvie1598Setonforfeit 1690created Earl of Dunfermline in 1605
Lord Gordon of Badenoch1599Gordonextantsubsidiary title of the Marquess of Huntly
Lord Ardmannoch1600Stewartmerged in the Crown 1625subsidiary title of the Duke of Albany
Lord Livingston and Callendar1600Livingstonforfeit 1716subsidiary title of the Earl of Linlithgow
Lord Roxburghe1600Kerextantcreated Earl of Roxburghe in 1616 and Duke of Roxburghe in 1707
Lord Campbell of Loudoun1601Campbellextantcreated Earl of Loudoun in 1633
Lord Kinloss1602Bruceextant 
Lord Abercorn1603Hamiltonextantcreated Earl of Abercorn in 1606, Marquess of Abercorn in Great Britain in 1790 and Duke of Abercorn in Peerage of Ireland in 1868
Lord Erskine of Dirleton1603Erskineextantcreated Viscount of Fentoun in 1606 and Earl of Kellie in 1619, also Earl of Mar (second creation) since 1875
Lord Hume of Berwick1604Humedormant 1611created Earl of Dunbar in 1605
Lord Colville of Culross1604Colvilleextantcreated Viscount Colville of Culross in the United Kingdom in 1902
Lord Murray of Tullibardine1604Murrayextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Tullibardine, also Earl of Atholl since 1670, created Marquess of Atholl in 1676 and Duke of Atholl in 1703
Lord Scone1605Murrayextantcreated Viscount of Stormont in 1621, also Earl of Mansfield in Great Britain since 1793
Lord Dunglass1605Homeextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Home
Lord Balmerinoch1606Elphinstoneforfeit 1746 
Lord Blantyre1606Stuartextinct 1900 
Lord Fleming and Cumbernauld1606Flemingextinct 1747subsidiary title of the Earl of Wigtown
Lord Lindores1606Lesliedormant 1813 
Lord Ramsay of Barns1606Ramsayextinct 1626subsidiary title of the Viscount of Haddington, created Earl of Holderness in England in 1621
Lord Dirleton1606Erskineextantsubsidiary title of the Viscount of Fentoun, created Earl of Kellie in 1619, also Earl of Mar (second creation) since 1875
Lord Paisley, Hamilton, Mountcastell and Kilpatrick1606Hamiltonextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Abercorn, Marquess of Abercorn in Great Britain in 1790 and Duke of Abercorn in Peerage of Ireland in 1868
Lord Scott of Buccleuch1606Scottextantcreated Earl of Buccleuch in 1619 and Duchess of Buccleuch in 1663, also Duke of Queensberry from 1810
Lord Coupar1607Elphinstoneforfeit 1746 
Lord Holyroodhouse1607Bothwelldormant 1638 
Lord Garlies1607nameStewartcreated Earl of Galloway in 1623
Lord Balfour of Burleigh1607Balfourextant 
Lord Bruce of Kinloss1608Bruceextantalso Lord Kinloss until 1747, created Earl of Elgin in 1633, also Earl of Kincardine since 1747
Lord Cranstoun1609Cramstounextinct 1869 
Lord Mackenzie of Kintail1609Mackenzieforfeit 1716created Earl of Seaforth in 1623
Lord Pittenweem1609Stewartextinct 1625 
Lord Maderty1609Drummondextantcreated Viscount of Strathallan in 1686, also Earl of Perth since 1902
Lord Dingwall1609Prestonextant 
Lord Cardross1610Erskineextantalso Earl of Buchan since 1695
Lord St Colme1611Stewartextantalso Earl of Moray since 1620
Lord Binning1613Hamiltonextantcreated Earl of Melrose in 1619, which title changed to Earl of Haddington in 1627
Lord Ramsay of Melrose1615Ramsaysurrendered 1618also Viscount of Haddington
Lord Ogilvy of Deskford1616Ogilvydormant 1811created Earl of Findlater in 1638
Lord Carnegie1616Carnegieextantcreated Earl of Southesk in 1633, also Duke of Fife in the United Kingdom since 1992
Lord Ker of Cessford and Cavertoun1616Kerextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Roxburghe, created Duke of Roxburghe in 1707
Lord Melville of Monymaill1616Melvilleextantcreated Earl of Melville in 1690, also Earl of Leven since 1707
Lord Ramsay of Dalhousie1618Ramsayextantcreated Earl of Dalhousie in 1633
Lord Byres and Binning1619Hamiltonextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Melrose, which title changed to Earl of Haddington in 1627
Lord Scott of Whitchester and Eskdaill1619Scottextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Buccleuch, created Duchess of Buccleuch in 1663, also Duke of Queensberry from 1810
Lord Constable1620Constableextinct 1718subsidiary title of the Viscount of Dunbar
Lord Maxwell, Eskdake and Carleill1620Maxwellforfeit 1716subsidiary title of the Earl of Nithsdale
Lord Cary1620Caryextantsubsidiary title of the Viscount of Falkland
Lord Murray of Lochmaben1622Murrayextinct 1658subsidiary title of the Viscount of Annan, created Earl of Annandale in 1625
Lord Sanquhar1622Stuartextantsubsidiary title of the Viscount of Ayr, created Earl of Dumfries in 1633 and Marquess of Bute in the United Kingdom in 1804
Lord Jedburgh1622Kerrextantalso Marquess of Lothian since 1703
Lord Thirlestane and Boltoun1624Maitlandextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Lauderdale, created Duke of Lauderdale in 1672, which title extinct 1682
Lord Murray of Tynningham1625Murrayextinct 1658subsidiary title of the Earl of Annandale
Lord Kintyre1626Campbellextantcreated Earl of Irvine in 1642, which title extinct 1645, also Marquess of Argyll from 1645, created Duke of Argyll in 1701
Lord Aston of Forfar1627Astondormant 1751 
Lord Barrett1627Barrettextinct 1645 
Lord Hay of Kinfauns1627Hayextantsubsidiary title of the Viscount of Dupplin, created Earl of Kinnoull in 1633
Lord Fairfax of Cameron1627Fairfaxextant 
Lord Napier1627Napierextant 
Lord Reay1628MackayExtant 
Lord Abernethy and Jedburgh Forest1633Douglasextantsubsidiary title of the Marquess of Douglas.
Lord Bruce of Kinloss1633BruceExtantSubsidiary title of the Earl of Elgin.
Lord Crichton of Cumnock1633Crichton-StuartExtantSubsidiary title of the Earl of Dumfries. Held by the Marquess of Bute.
Lord Forbes of Pitsligo1633ForbesAttainted 1745 
Lord Forrester1633Forrester, GrimstonExtantHeld by the Earl of Verulam.
Lord Tarrinzean and Mauchline1633Campbellextantassociated with the Earl of Loudoun.
Lord Ogilvy of Alith and Lintrathen1639Ogilvyextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Airlie (1639); attainted 17171826
Lord Ruthven1639Ruthvenextinct 1651 
Lord Elibank1643Erskine-Murrayextant 
Lord Daer and Shortcleuch1646Douglasextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Selkirk
Lord Abercrombie1647Sandilandsextinct 1681 
Lord Belhaven and Stenton1647HamiltonExtant 
Lord Bruce of Torry1647BruceextantSubsidiary title of the Earl of Kincardine.
Lord Rollo1651Rolloextantcreated Baron Dunning in 1869.
Lord Ruthven of Freeland1651Hore-RuthvenExtantHeld by the Earl of Carlisle.
Lord Gordon of Strathaven and Glenlivet1660Gordonextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Aboyne; merged with Marquess of Huntly in 1836
Lord Douglas of Ettrick1675Douglasextinct 1749subsidiary title of the Earl of Dumbarton.
Lord St Clair1677CampbellExtinct 1995Subsidiary title of the Earl of Caithness. Earldom of Caithness resigned 1881. Created Earl of Breadalbane and Holland in 1681. Created Marquess of Breadalbane in 1831 (extinct 1862). Created Marquess of Breadalbane in 1885 (extinct 1922).
Lord Glenurchy, Benederaloch,Ormelie and Weick1681CampbellExtinct 1995Subsidiary title of the Earl of Breadalbane and Holland.
Lord Nairne1681Narine, Petty-FitzMauriceExtantHeld by the Viscount Mersey.
Lord Haddo, Methlic, Tarves, and Kellie1682Gordonextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Aberdeen.
Lord Dudhope1686GrahamExtinct 1688 
Lord Graham of Claverhouse1688GrahamAttainted 1746Subsidiary title of the Viscount of Dundee
Lord Polwarth1690Hepburne-ScottExtant 
Lord Hillhouse1697DouglasExtinct 1810Subsidiary title of the Earl of Ruglen, also Earl of Selkirk from 1739 to 1744, Earl of March from 1748 and Duke of Queensberry from 1778
Lord Polwarth of Polwarth, Redbraes and Greenlaw1697HumeDormant 1794Subsidiary title of the Earl of Marchmont.
Lord Inverary, Mull, Mover and Tiry1701CampbellExtantSubsidiary title of the Duke of Argyll.
Lord Hope1703Hopeextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Hopetoun; created Marquess of Linlithgow (1902) in the United Kingdom
Lord Douglas of Bonkill, Prestoun and Robertoun1703Douglasextinct 1761subsidiary of the Duke of Douglas
Lord Mount Stuart, Cumbrae and Inchmarnock1703Crichton-StuartExtantSubsidiary title of the Earl of Bute. Held by the Marquess of Bute.
Lord Arase1706CampbellExtinct 1761Subsidiary title of the Earl of Ilay.
Lord Dunoon1706CampbellExtinct 1761Subsidiary title of the Earl of Ilay.
Lord Aberruthven, Mugdock, and Fintrie1707GrahamExtantSubsidiary title of the Duke of Montrose.

Baronies in the Peerage of Great Britain, 1707-1801

TitleDate of CreationSurnameCurrent StatusNotes
Baron Middleton1711WilloughbyExtant
Baron Boyle of Marston1711BoyleExtantUnited with the Earl of Cork and Earl of Orrery in the Peerage of Ireland.
Baron Hay of Pedwardine1711HayExtantSubsidiary title of the Earl of Kinnoull in the Peerage of Scotland.
Baron Onslow1716OnslowExtantCreated Earl of Onslow in 1801 in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Baron Romney1716RomneyExtantCreated Earl of Romney in 1801 the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Baron Newburgh1716CholmondeleyExtantSubsidiary title of the Earl of Cholmondeley. Created Marquess of Cholmondeley in 1815 in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Baron Walpole1723WalpoleExtantUnited with Baron Walpole of Wolterton
Baron King1725King, Noel-KingExtantCreated Earl of Lovelace in 1838 in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Baron Monson1728MonsonExtant
Baron Bruce of Tottenham1746Bruce, Brudenell-BruceExtantCreated Earl of Ailesbury in 1776 and Marquess of Ailesbury in 1821.
Baron Archer1747ArcherExtinct 1778
Baron Ponsonby of Sysonby1749PonsonbyExtantSubsidiary title of the Earl of Bessborough in the Peerage of Ireland.
Baron Vere of Hanworth1750BeauclerkExtantMerged with the Dukedom of St Albans in 1787.
Baron Walpole of Wolterton1756WalpoleExtantHeld by the Baron Walpole
Baron Scarsdale1761CurzonExtantCreated Viscount Scarsdale in 1911.
Baron Mount Stuart1761Montagu, Crichton-StuartExtantcreated Marquess of Bute in 1796
Baron Boston1761IrbyExtant
Baron Pelham of Stanmer1762Pelham-Holles, PelhamExtantCreated Earl of Chichester in 1801.
Baron Lovel and Holland1762PercevalExtantAlso Earl of Egmont in the Peerage of Ireland.
Baron Vernon1762Venables-Vernon, Vernon-HarcourtExtant
Baron Ducie1763Moreton, Reynolds-MoretonExtantCreated Earl of Ducie in 1837 in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Baron Digby1765DigbyExtant Also Baron Digby in the Peerage of Ireland.
Baron Sundridge1766CampbellExtantHeld by the Duke of Argyll in the Peerage of Scotland and of the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Baron Hawke1776Hawke, Harvey-HawkeExtant
Baron Brownlow1776Cust, Egerton-CustExtant
Baron Harrowby1776RyderExtantCreated Earl of Harrowby in 1809 in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Baron Foley1776FoleyExtant
Baron Cranley1776OnslowExtantAlso Baron Onslow. Created Earl of Onslow in 1801.
Baron Cardiff1776Crichton-StuartExtantinherited Earl of Bute in 1792 and Baron Mount Stuart in 1794, created Marquess of Bute in 1796
Baron Dynevor1780Talbot, de Cardonnel, Rice, Rice-Trevor, RhysExtant
Baron Walsingham1780de GreyExtant
Baron Bagot1780BagotExtant
Baron Southampton1780FitzRoyExtant
Baron Grantley1782NortonExtant
Baron Rodney1782RodneyExtant
Baron Eliot of St Germans1784EliotExtantCreated Earl of St Germans (1815) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Baron Somers1784Cocks, Somers-CocksExtant
Baron Boringdon1784ParkerExtantCreated Earl of Morley (1815) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Baron Tyrone of Haverfordwest1786BeresfordExtantSubsidiary title of the Earl of Tyrone. Created Marquess of Waterford (1789) in the Peerage of Ireland.
Baron Carleton1786BoyleExtantSubsidiary title of the Earl of Shannon in the Peerage of Ireland.
Baron Suffield1786Harbord, Harbord-HamondExtant
Baron Kenyon1788Kenyon, Tyrell-KenyonExtant
Baron Howe of Langar1788Howe, Curzon, Curzon-HoweExtantCreated Earl Howe (1821) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Baron Braybrooke1788Griffin, NevilleExtant
Baron Fisherwick1790ChichesterExtantSubsidiary title of the Marquess of Donegall in the Peerage of Ireland.
Baron Verulam1790GrimstonExtantSubsidiary title of the Earl of Verulam in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Baron Gage of High Meadow1790Gage, HallExtantSubsidiary title of the Viscount Gage in the Peerage of Ireland.
Baron Thurlow1792Thurlow, Hovell-Thurlow, Hovell-Thurlow-Cumming-BruceExtant
Baron Auckland1793EdenExtantAlso Baron Auckland in the Peerage of Ireland.
Baron Bradford1794BridgemanExtantCreated the Earl of Bradford (1815) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Baron Dundas1794DundasExtantCreated the Earl of Zetland (1838) and the Marquess of Zetland (1892), both in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Baron Mulgrave1794PhippsExtantSubsidiary title of the Marquess of Normanby in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Baron Yarborough1794Anderson-Pelham, PelhamExtantCreated the Earl of Yarborough (1837) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Baron Loughborough1795Wedderburn, St Clair-ErskinExtantCreated the Earl of Rosslyn (1801) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Baron Delamer1796Greyextinct 1883subsidiary title of the Earl of Warrington
Baron Rous1796RousExtantCreated the Earl of Stradbroke (1821) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Baron Stuart of Castle Stuart1796StuartExtantSubsidiary title of the Earl of Moray in the Peerage of Scotland.
Baron Stewart of Garlies1796StewartExtantSubsidiary titel of the Earl of Galloway in the Peerage of Scotland.
Baron Harewood1796LascellesExtantCreated Earl of Harewood (1812) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Baron Cawdor1796CampbellExtantCreated the Earl Cawdor (1827) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Baron Carrington1797Smith, Carrington, Wynn-Carington, CaringtonExtantAlso Baron Carrington in the Peerage of Ireland and Baron Carington of Upton for Life in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Baron Bolton1797Orde-PowlettExtant
Baron Minto1797Elliot-Murray-KynynmoundExtantCreated the Earl of Minto (1813) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Baron Lilford1797PowysExtant
Baron Wodehouse1797WodehouseExtantCreated the Earl of Kimberley (1866) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Baron Eldon1799ScottExtantCreated the Earl of Eldon (1821) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.

Baronies in the Peerage of Ireland, 1223-1898

TitleDate of CreationSurnameCurrent StatusNotes
Baron Kingsalecirca 1223de Courcyextant 
Baron Kerry1223Fitzmauriceextantalso Earl of Kerry from 1723 and Marquess of Lansdowne in Great Britain from 1818
Baron Gormanston1370Prestonextantalso Viscount Gormanston from 1478 and Baron Gormanston in the United Kingdom from 1868
Baron Dunsany1439Plunkettextant 
Baron Loundres1478Prestonextantsubsidiary title of the Viscount Gormanston, also Baron Gormanston in the United Kingdom from 1868
Baron Delvin1486Nugentextantalso Earl of Westmeath from 1621 and Marquess of Westmeath in the United Kingdom from 1822 to 1871
Baron Inchiquin1543O'Brienextantalso Earl of Inchiquin from 1654 to 1855 and Marquess of Thomond from 1800 to 1855
Baron Ardee1616Brabazonextantalso Earl of Meath from 1627 and Baron Chaworth in the United Kingdom from 1831
Baron Moore1616Mooreextantalso Viscount Moore from 1621, Earl of Drogheda from 1661, Marquess of Drogheda from 1791 to 1892 and Baron Moore of Cobham in the United Kingdom from 1954
Baron Hamilton of Strabane1617Hamiltonextantalso Earl of Abercorn in Scotland from c. 1680, Viscount Strabane in Ireland from 1701, Viscount Hamilton in Great Britain from 1786, Marquess of Abercorn in Great Britain from 1790, Marquess of Hamilton in the United Kingdom and Duke of Abercorn in Ireland from 1868
Baron Offaly1620Fitzgeraldextantalso Earl of Kildare from 1658, Marquess of Kildare from 1761 and Duke of Leinster from 1766, Baron Kildare in the United Kingdom from 1870
Baron Chichester of Belfast1625Chichesterextantsubsidiary title of the Viscount Chichester of Carrickfergus, also Earl of Donegall from 1647, Baron Fisherwick in Great Britain from 1790 and Marquess of Donegall in Ireland from 1791
Baron Alington1642Alingtonextinct 1723created Baron Alington (1682) in England
Baron Clanehugh1675Forbesextantsubsidiary title of the Viscount Granard, also Earl of Granard from 1684 and Baron Granard in the United Kingdom from 1806
Baron Aghrim1676Butlerextinct 1677subsidiary title of the Earl of Gowran
Baron Altham1681Annesleyextinct 1844associated with the Earl of Anglesey 17371761; created Earl of Mountnorris (1793) in Ireland
Baron Aghrim1692de Ginkellextinct 1844subsidiary title of the Earl of Athlone
Baron Mountcastle1701Hamiltonextantsubsidiary title of the Viscount Strabane, also Earl of Abercorn in Scotland, Viscount Hamilton in Great Britain from 1786, Marquess of Abercorn in Great Britain from 1790, Marquess of Hamilton in the United Kingdom and Duke of Abercorn in Ireland from 1868
Baroness Dundalk1716von der Schulenburgextinct 1743subsidiary title of the Duchess of Munster, also Duchess of Kendal in Great Britain from 1719
Baron Newborough1716CholmondeleyExtantSubsidiary title of the Marquess of Cholmondeley
Baron Allen1717Allenextinct 1845subsidiary title of the Viscount Allen
Baron Hill of Kilwarlin1717Hillextantsubsidiary title of the Viscount Hillsborough, also Earl of Hillsborough from 1751, Baron Harwich in Great Britain from 1756, Earl of Hillsborough in Great Britain from 1772 and Marquess of Downshire in Ireland from 1789
Baron Beresford1720Beresfordextantsubsidiary title of the Viscount Tyrone, also Earl of Tyrone from 1746, Baron Tyrone in Great Britain from 1786, and Marquess of Waterford in Ireland from 1789
Baron Mornington1746Wesley, Wellesleyextantalso Earl of Mornington from 1760, Marquess Wellesley from 1799 to 1842 and Duke of Wellington in the United Kingdom from 1863
Baron Dunkeron1751Petty-Fitzmauriceextantsubsidiary title of the Viscount Fitzmaurice, also Earl of Shelburne from 1753; Baron Wycombe of Chipping Wycombe from 1760 and Marquess of Lansdowne from 1784 in Great Britain
Baron Conyngham1753Conynghamextantalso Viscount Conyngham from 1756 to 1781, Earl Conyngham from 1780 to 1781, Viscount Conyngham from 1789, Earl Conyngham from 1797, Marquess Conyngham from 1816, Baron Minster in the United Kingdom from 1821
Baron Castle Martyr1756Boyleextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Shannon, also Baron Carleton in Great Britain from 1786
Baron Saunders1758Goreextantsubsidiary title of the Viscount Sudley, also Earl of Arran from 1762 and Baron Sudley in the United Kingdom from 1884
Baron Lisle of Mountnorth1758Lysaghtextant 
Baron Courtown1758Stopfordextantalso Earl of Courtown from 1762 and Baron Saltersford in Great Britain from 1796
Baron Annesley of Castlewellan1758Annesleyextantalso Viscount Glerawly from 1766 and Earl Annesley from 1789
Baron Mount Eagle of Westport1760Browneextantalso Viscount Westport from 1768, Earl of Altamont from 1771 and Marquess of Sligo from 1800, Baron Monteagle in the United Kingdom from 1806
Baron Headfort1760Taylourextantalso Viscount Headfort from 1762, Earl of Bective from 1766 and Marquess of Headfort from 1800, Baron Kenlis in the United Kingdom from 1831
Baron Mountflorence1760Coleextantalso Viscount Enniskillen from 1776, Earl of Enniskillen from 1789 and Baron Grinstead in the United Kingdom from 1815
Baron Clive of Plassey1762Cliveextantalso Baron Clive of Walcot in Great Britain from 1794 and Earl of Powis in the United Kingdom from 1804
Baron Baltinglass1763Stratfordextinct 1875created Viscount Aldborough (1776) and Earl of Aldborough (1777) in Ireland
Baron Annaly1766Goreextinct 1784 
Baron Welles1781Knoxextantalso Viscount Northland from 1791 and Earl of Ranfurly from 1831
Baron Loftus1785Loftusextantalso Viscount Loftus from 1789, Earl of Ely from 1794 and Marquess of Ely from 1801, Baron Loftus in the United Kingdom from 1801
Baron Annaly1789Goreextinct 1793 
Baron Londonderry1789Stewartextantalso Viscount Castlereagh from 1795, Earl of Londonderry from 1796 and Marquess of Londonderry from 1816; Baron Stewart of Stewart's Court from 1822 and Earl Vane from 1823 in the United Kingdom
Baron Carrington1796Smith, Carrington, Wynn-Carington, Caringtonextantalso Baron Carrington from 1797 in Great Britain; Earl Carrington from 1895 to 1928, Marquess of Lincolnshire from 1912 to 1928 and Baron Carington of Upton from 1999, in the United Kingdom
Baron Headley, Allanson and Winn1797Allanson-Winnextinct 1994 
Baron Keith1797Elphinstoneextinct 1867also Baron Keith from 1801 and Viscount Keith from 1814 to 1823, in the United Kingdom; Lord Nairne in Scotland from 1824
Baron Teignmouth1798Shoreextinct 1981 
Baron Adare1800Quinextantcreated Earl of Dunraven and Mount Earl (1822) in Ireland
Baron Maryborough1821Wellesleyextinct 1863 
Baron Rathdonnell1868McClintock, McClintock-Bunburyextant 
Baron Curzon of Kedleston1898Curzonextinct 1925also Earl Curzon of Kedleston from 1911 and Marquess Curzon of Kedleston from 1921, in the United Kingdom

Hereditary Baronies in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, 1801-present

TitleDate of CreationSurnameCurrent StatusNotes
Baron Moore1801Mooreextinct 1892also Marquess of Drogheda, Earl of Drogheda, Viscount Moore and Baron Moore in Ireland
Baron Loftus1801Tottenham Loftusextantalso Marquess of Ely, Earl of Ely, Viscount Loftus and Baron Loftus in Ireland
Baron Butler1801Butlerextinct 1820also Earl of Ormonde, Earl of Ossory and Viscount Thurles in Ireland
Baron Carysfort1801Probyextinct 1909also Earl of Carysfort and Baron Carysfort in Ireland
Baron Alvanley1801Ardenextinct 1857 
Baroness Abercromby1801Abercrombyextinct 1924 
Baron Grey1801Greyextantcreated Earl Grey (1806) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom
Baron Saint Helens1801Fitzherbertextinct 1839also Baron Saint Helens in Ireland
Baron Nelson1801Nelsonextantcreated Viscount Nelson on 22 May 1801, which title extinct 21 Oct 1805, created Earl Nelson and Viscount Merton on 20 November 1805
Baron Thomond1801O'Brienextinct 10 February 1808also Marquess of Thomond, Earl of Inchiquin and Baron Inchiquin in Ireland
Baron Arklow1801Guelphextinct 21 April 1843subsidiary title of the Duke of Sussex, created Earl of Inverness at the same time
Baron Culloden1801Guelphextinct 17 March 1904subsidiary title of the Duke of Cambridge, created Earl of Tipperary at the same time
Baron Keith1801Elphinstoneextinct 10 March 1823also Baron Keith in Ireland, created Baron Keith on 17 September 1803 and Viscount Keith on 1 June 1814
Baron Hutchinson1801Hely Hutchinsonextinct 29 June 1832
Baron Redesdale1802Mitfordextinct 2 May 1886
Baron Rivers1802Pittextinct 31 March 1880also Baron Rivers until 1828
Baron Ellenborough1802Lawextantcreated Earl of Ellenborough and Viscount Southam on 22 October 1844, which titles extinct 22 December 1871
Baroness Sandys1802Hillextant
Baron Arden1802Percivalextantalso Baron Arden in Ireland
Baron Sheffield1802Baker Holroydextinct 21 April 1909also Baron Sheffield in Ireland
Baron Dunira1802Dundasextantsubsidiary title of the Viscount Melville
Baron Keith1803Elphinstoneextinct 11 November 1867also Baron Keith in Ireland and Baron Keith, created Viscount Keith on 1 June 1814
Baron Herbert1804Cliveextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Powis, also Baron Clive in Great Britain, created Viscount Clive and Baron Powis at the same time
Baron Powis1804Cliveextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Powis, also Baron Clive in Great Britain, created Viscount Clive and Baron Herbert at the same time
Baron Lake1804Lakeextinct 24 June 1848created Viscount Lake on 4 November 1807
Baron Barham1805Middletonextant
Baron Collingwood1805Collingwoodextinct 7 March 1810
Baron Erskine1806Erskineextant
Baron Soberton1806Ansonextantsubsidiary title of the Viscount Anson, created Earl of Lichfield on 15 September 1831
Baron Monteagle1806Brownextantalso Marquess of Sligo, Earl of Altamont, Earl of Clanricarde, Viscount Westport and Baron Monteagle in Ireland
Baron Ardrossan1806Montgomeryextantalso Earl of Eglinton and Lord Montgomery in Scotland, created Earl of Winton and Baron Seton and Tranent on 23 June 1859
Baron Lauderdale1806Maitlandextinct 22 March 1863also Earl of Lauderdale, Viscount of Lauderdale, Viscount of Maitland, Lord Maitland and Lord Thirlestane in Scotland
Baron Granard1806Forbesextantalso Earl of Granard, Viscount Granard and Baron Clanehugh in Ireland
Baron Crewe1806Creweextinct 3 January 1894
Baron Beauchamp1806Lygonextinct 3 January 1979created Earl Beauchamp and Viscount Elmley on 1 December 1815
Baron Ponsonby1806Ponsonbyextinct 1866created Viscount Ponsonby in 1839
Baron Ailsa1806Kennedyextantalso Earl of Cassillis and Lord Kennedy in Scotland, created Marquess of Ailsa in 1831
Baron Breadalbane1806Campbellextinct 8 November 1862also Earl of Breadalbane and Holland, Viscount of Tay and Paintland and Lord Glenorchy in Scotland
Baron Gardner1806Gardnerextantalso Baron Gardner in Ireland
Baron Manners1807Manners Suttonextant 
Baron Gambier1807Gambierextinct 1833 
Baron Greenock1807Cathcartextantsubsidiary title of the Viscount Cathcart, also Lord Cathcart in Scotland, created Earl Cathcart in 1814
Baron Hopetoun1809Hopeextantalso Earl of Hopetoun, Viscount of Aithrie and Lord Hope in Scotland, also Baron Niddry from 29 May 1816, created Marquess of Linlithgow on 27 October 1902
Baron Douro1809Wellesleyextantsubsidiary title of the Viscount Wellington, created Earl of Wellington on 28 February 1812, created Marquess of Wellington on 3 October 1812, created Duke of Wellington and Marquess Douro on 11 May 1814, also Earl of Mornington, Viscount Wellesley and Baron Mornington in Ireland from 25 July 1863
Baron Wilmington1812Comptonextantsubsidiary title of the Marquess of Northampton, also Earl of Northampton in England, created Earl Compton at the same time
Baron Niddry1814Hopeextant
Baron Lynedoch1814Grahamextinct 18 December 1843
Baron Combermere1814Cottonextantcreated Viscount Combermere on 8 February 1827
Baron Hill1814Hillextinct 10 December 1842created Baron Hill on 16 January 1816 and Viscount Hill on 27 September 1842
Baron Beresford1814Beresfordextinct 8 January 1854created Viscount Beresford on 22 April 1823
Baron Exmouth1814Pellewextantcreated Viscount Exmouth on 10 December 1816
Baron Stewart of Stewart's Court1814Stewartextantalso Marquess of Londonderry, Earl of Londonderry, Viscount Castlereagh and Baron Londonderry in Ireland, created Earl Vane and Viscount Seaham on 8 July 1823
Baron Trench1815Trench Le Poerextantalso Earl of Clancarty, Viscount Dunlo and Baron Kilconnel in Ireland, created Viscount Clancarty on 8 December 1823
Baron Bowes1815Bowesextinct 3 July 1820also Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, Viscount of Lyon and Lord Glamis in Scotland
Baron Dalhousie1815Ramsayextinct 22 December 1860also Earl of Dalhousie, Lord Ramsay of Dalhousie and Lord Ramsay and Carrington in Scotland, created Marquess of Dalhousie on 25 August 1849
Baron Meldrum1815Gordonextantalso Marquess of Huntly, Earl of Huntly, Earl of Enzie, Lord Gordon of Badenoch and Lord Gordon of Strathavon and Glenlivet in Scotland from 1836
Baron Ross1815Boyleextinct 1890also Earl of Glasgow, Viscount of Kelburn, Lord Boyle of Kelburn and Lord Boyle of Stewartoun in Scotland
Baron Grinstead1815Coleextantalso Earl of Enniskillen, Viscount Enniskillen and Baron Mountflorence in Ireland
Baron Foxford1815Peryextantalso Earl of Limerick, Viscount Limerick and Baron Glentworth in Ireland
Baron Churchill1815Spencerextantcreated Viscount Churchill in 1902
Baron Melbourne1815Lambextinct 1853also Viscount Melbourne and Baron Melbourne in Ireland, also Baron Beauvale 1848
Baron Harris1815Harrisextant 
Baron Adbaston1815Whitworthextinct 1825subsidiary title of the Earl Whitworth, also Baron Whitworth in Ireland and Viscount Whitworth
Baron Hill1816Hillextantalso Baron Hill, which title extinct 10 December 1842, created Viscount Hill on 27 September 1842
Baron Prudhoe1816Percyextinct 12 February 1865
Baron Colchester1817Abbotextinct 26 February 1919
Baron Ker1821Kerextantalso Marquess of Lothian, Earl of Lothian, Earl of Lothian, Earl of Ancram, Viscount of Briene, Lord Newbottle, Lord Jedburgh, Lord Ker of Nisbet, Longnewtoun and Dolphingtoun and Lord Ker of Newbottle, Dolphingtoun and Nisbet
Baron Minster1821Conynghamextantalso Marquess Conyngham, Earl Conyngham, Earl of Mount Charles, Viscount Conyngham, Viscount Mount Charles, Viscount Slane and Baron Conyngham in Ireland
Baron Ormonde1821Butlerextinct 25 Oct 1997also Earl of Ormonde, Earl of Ossory and Viscount Thurles in Ireland
Baron Wemyss1821Douglasextantalso Earl of Wemyss, Earl of March, Viscount of Peebles, Lord Wemyss of Elcho, Lord Elcho and Methel and Lord Douglas of Neidpath, Lyne and Munard in Scotland
Baron Clanbrassill1821Jocelynextinct 3 July 1897also Earl of Roden, Viscount Jocelyn and Baron Newport in Ireland
Baron Kingston1821Kingextinct 8 September 1869also Earl of Kingston, Viscount Kingsborough, Viscount Lorton, Baron Kingston and Baron Erris in Ireland
Baron Silchester1821Pakenhamextantalso Earl of Longford and Baron Longford in Ireland, also Baron Pakenham from 4 February 1961, created Baron Pakenham of Cowley for life on 16 November 1999
Baron Glenlyon1821Murrayextinct 8 May 1957
Baron Maryborough1821Poleextinct 25 July 1863
Baron Oriel1821Fosterextant
Baron Stowell1821Scottextinct 28 January 1836
Baron Ravensworth1821Liddellextantcreated Earl of Ravensworth and Baron Eslington on 2 April 1874, which titles extinct 7 February 1904
Baron Delamere1821Cholmondeleyextant
Baron Forester1821Foresterextant
Baroness Rayleigh1821Struttextant
Baron Bexley1823Vansittartextinct 8 February 1851
Baron Gifford1824Giffordextant
Baron Penshurst1825Smytheextinct 9 January 1869also Viscount Strangford in Ireland
Baron Tadcaster1826O'Bryenextinct 21 August 1846also Marquess of Thomond, Earl of Inchiquin and Baron Inchiquin in Ireland
Baron Somerhill1826de Burghextinct 12 April 1916also Marquess of Clanricarde, Earl of Clanricarde, Viscount Burke and Baron Dunkellin in Ireland
Baron Wigan1826Lindsayextantalso Earl of Crawford, Earl of Balcarres, Lord Lindsay of Crawford and Lord Lindsay and Balniel in Scotland, also Baron Balniel for life from 13 December 1975
Baron Ranfurly1826Knoxextantalso Viscount Northland and Baron Welles in Ireland, created Earl of Ranfurly in Ireland on 14 September 1831
Baron Farnborough1826Longextinct 17 January 1838
Baron de Tabley1826Leicesterextinct 22 November 1895
Baron Wharncliffe1826Mackenzieextant
Baron Feversham1826Duncombeextantcreated Earl of Feversham and Viscount Helmsley on 25 July 1868, which titles extinct 4 September 1963
Baron Seaford1826Ellisextant
Baron Lyndhurst1827Copleyextinct 12 Oct 1863
Baron Fife1827Duffextinct 9 March 1857also Earl Fife, Viscount Macduff and Baron Braco in Ireland
Baron Tenterden1827Abbottextinct 16 September 1939
Baron Plunket1827Plunketextant
Baron Melros1827Hamiltonextinct 1 December 1858also Earl of Haddington and Lord Binning in Scotland from 17 March 1828
Baron Cowley1828Wellesleyextantcreated Earl Cowley and Viscount Dangan on 11 April 1857
Baron Stuart de Rothesay1828Stuartextinct 6 November 1845
Baron Heytesbury1828 Courtextant
Baron Rosebery1828Primroseextantalso Earl of Rosebery, Viscount of Rosebery, Viscount of Inverkeithing, Lord Primrose and Dalmeny and Lord Dalmeny and Primrose in Scotland, created Earl of Midlothian, Viscount Mentmore and Baron Epsom on 3 July 1911
Baron Clanwilliam1828Meadeextantalso Earl of Clanwilliam, Viscount Clanwilliam and Baron Gillford in Ireland
Baron Durham1828Lambtonextantcreated Earl of Durham and Viscount Lambton on 23 March 1833
Baron Skelmersdale1828Wilbrahamextantcreated Earl of Lathom on 3 May 1880, which title extinct 6 February 1930
Baron Wallace1828Wallaceextinct 23 February 1844
Baron Wynford1829Bestextant
Baron Brougham and Vaux1830Broughamextinct 7 May 1868created Baron Brougham and Vaux on 22 March 1860
Baron Tewkesbury1831FitzClarenceextinct 30 December 2000subsidiary title of the Earl of Munster, created Viscount FitzClarence at the same time
Baron Kilmarnock1831Hay Carrextantalso Earl of Erroll, Lord Hay and Lord Slains in Scotland until 24 January 1941
Baron Fingall1831Plunkettextinct 5 March 1984also Earl of Fingall and Baron Killeen in Ireland
Baron Sefton1831Molyneuxextinct 13 April 1972also Earl of Sefton and Viscount Molyneux in Ireland
Baron Clements1831Clementsextinct 9 June 1952also Earl of Leitrim, Viscount Leitrim and Baron Leitrim in Ireland
Baron Rossie1831Kinnairdextinct 7 January 1878also Lord Kinnaird in Scotland
Baron Dover1831Agar Ellisextinct 10 September 1899
Baron Cavendish of Keighley1831Cavendishextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Burlington, also Duke of Devonshire, Marquess of Hartington, Earl of Devonshire and Baron Cavendish of Hardwick in England from 18 January 1858
Baron Kenlis1831Taylourextantalso Marquess of Headfort, Earl of Bective, Viscount Headfort and Baron Headfort in Ireland
Baron Chaworth1831Brabazonextantalso Earl of Meath and Baron Ardee in Ireland
Baron Dunmore1831Murrayextinct 12 August 1980also Earl of Dunmore, Viscount of Fincastle and Lord Murray of Blair, Moulin and Tillimet in Scotland
Baron Ludlow1831Ludlowextinct 16 April 1842also Earl Ludlow in Ireland
Baron Hamilton1831Hamiltonextinct 22 December 1868also Lord Belhaven and Stenton in Scotland
Baron Howden1831Cradockextinct 9 Oct 1873also Baron Howden in Ireland
Baron Panmure1831Mauleextinct 6 July 1874
Baron Oakley1831Cadoganextant
Baron Poltimore1831Bampfyldeextant
Baron Wenlock1831Lawleyextinct 10 April 1834
Baron Mostyn1831Lloydextant
Baron Segrave1831Berkeleyextinct 10 Oct 1857created Earl Fitzhardinge on 17 August 1841
Baron Templemore1831Chichesterextant
Baron Dinorben1831Hughesextinct 6 Oct 1852
Baron Cloncurry1831Lawlessextinct 18 July 1929also Baron Cloncurry in Ireland
Baron de Saumarez1831Saumarezextant
Baron Godolphin1832Osborneextinct 20 March 1964
Baron Hunsdon1832Caryextinct 12 March 1884also Viscount of Falkland and Lord Cary in Scotland
Baron Amesbury1832Dundasextinct 30 June 1832
Baron Stanley1832Smith Stanleyextant
Baron Western1833Westernextinct 4 November 1844
Baron Raby1833Vaneextinct 21 August 1891subsidiary title of the Duke of Cleveland, also Marquess of Cleveland, Earl of Darlington and Viscount Barnard
Baron Leveson1833Leveson Gowerextantsubsidiary title of the Earl Granville, also Viscount Granville
Baron Solway1833Douglasextinct 3 December 1837also Marquess of Queensberry, Earl of Queensberry, Viscount of Drumlanrig and Lord Douglas of Hawick and Tibberis in Scotland
Baron Denman1834Denmanextant
Baroness Wenman1834Wykamextinct 9 August 1870
Baron Duncannon1834Ponsonbyextantalso Earl of Bessborough, Viscount Duncannon and Baron Bessborough in Ireland and Baron Ponsonby of Sysonby in Great Britain from 3 February 1844, created Earl of Bessborough on 2 June 1937, which title extinct 5 December 1993
Baron Fitzgerald1835Vesey-FitzGeraldextinct 11 May 1843also Baron Fitzgerald and Vesey in Ireland
Baron Abinger1835Scarlettextant 
Baron de L'Isle and Dudley1835Sidneyextantcreated Viscount De L'Isle (1956) in the United Kingdom
Baron Bottesford1835Manners Suttonextinct 1941subsidiary title of the Viscount Canterbury
Baron Ashburton1835Baringextant 
Baron Glenelg1835Grantextinct 1866 
Baron Hatherton1835Littletonextant 
Baron Strafford1835Byngextantcreated Earl of Strafford (1847) in the United Kingdom
Baron Worlingham1835Achesonextantalso Earl of Gosford, Viscount Gosford, Viscount Acheson and Baron Gosford in Ireland, also Baron Acheson from 1849
Baron Cottenham1836Pepysextantcreated Earl of Cottenham (1850) in the United Kingdom
Baroness Stratheden1836Campbellextant
Baron Langdale1836Bickerstethextinct 18 April 1851
Baron Portman1837Portmanextantcreated Viscount Portman on 28 March 1873
Baron Moreton1837Moretonextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Ducie, also Baron Ducie in Great Britain
Baron Lovat1837Fraserextant
Baron Worsley1837Pelhamextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Yarborough, also Baron Yarborough in Ireland
Baron Bateman1837Hanburyextinct 4 November 1931
Baron Charlemont1837Caulfeildextinct 12 January 1892also Earl of Charlemont, Viscount Charlemont and Baron Charlemont in Ireland
Baron Kintore1838Keith Falconerextinct 25 May 1966also Earl of Kintore, Lord Falconer of Halkerton and Lord Keith of Inverurie and Keith Hall in Scotland
Baron Lismore1838O'Callaghanextinct 29 Oct 1898also Viscount Lismore and Baron Lismore in Ireland
Baron Rossmore1838Westenraextantalso Baron Rossmore in Ireland
Baron Carew1838Carewextantalso Baron Carew in Ireland
Baron de Mauley1838Ponsonbyextant
Baron Wrottesley1838Wrottesleyextant
Baron Sudeley1838Hanbury Tracyextant
Baron Methuen1838Methuenextant
Baron Beauvale1839Lambextinct 29 January 1853also Viscount Melbourne and Baron Melbourne in Ireland and Baron Melbourne from 24 November 1848
Baron Furnival1839Talbotextinct 29 Oct 1849also Baron Talbot of Malahide in Ireland
Baron Stanley of Alderley1839Stanleyextant
Baron Stuart de Decies1839Villiers Stuartextinct 23 January 1874
Baron Leigh1839Leighextant
Baron Wenlock1839Thompsonextinct 14 June 1932
Baron Lurgan1839Brownlowextinct 17 September 1991
Baron Colborne1839Ridley Colborneextinct 3 May 1854
Baron de Freyne1839Frenchextinct 29 September 1856created Baron de Freyne on 5 April 1851
Baron Dunfermline1839Abercrombyextinct 2 July 1868
Baron Monteagle of Brandon1839Riceextant
Baron Seaton1839Colborneextinct 12 March 1955created Viscount Coke at the same time
Baron Eden1839Edenextinct 1 January 1849subsidiary title of the Earl of Auckland, also Baron Auckland in Great Britain
Baron Keane1839Keaneextinct 27 November 1901
Baron Sydenham1840Poulett Thomsonextinct 19 September 1841
Baron Campbell1841Campbellextant
Baron Noel1841Noelextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Gainsborough, created Viscount Campden at the same time, also Baron Barham
Baron Oxenfoord1841Dalrympleextantalso Earl of Stair, Viscount of Stair, Viscount of Dalrymple, Lord Glenluce and Stranraer and Lord Newliston in Scotland
Baron Kenmare1841Browneextinct 1853also Earl of Kenmare, Viscount Kenmare, Viscount Castlerosse and Baron Kenmare in Ireland
Baron Ennishowen and Carrickfergus1841Chichesterextinct 1883 
Baron Vivian1841Vivianextant 
Baron Congleton1841Parnellextant 
Baron Metcalfe1845Metcalfeextinct 1846 
Baron Gough1846Goughextantcreated Viscount Gough in 1849
Baron Acheson1847Achesonextantalso Earl of Gosford, Viscount Gosford, Viscount Acheson and Baron Gosford in Ireland and Baron Worlingham from 1849
Baron Dartrey1847Dawsonextinct 9 February 1933also Baron Cremorne in Ireland, created Earl of Dartrey on 12 July 1866
Baron Milford1847Philippsextinct 3 January 1857
Baron Eddisbury1848Stanleyextant
Baron Elgin1849Bruceextantalso Earl of Elgin, Earl of Kincardine, Lord Bruce of Kinloss and Lord Bruce of Torry in Scotland
Baron Clandeboye1850Blackwoodextinct 29 May 1988created Earl of Dufferin and Viscount Clandeboye on 13 November 1871, created Marquess of Dufferin and Ava and Earl of Ava on 17 November 1888, which titles all extinct 29 May 1988
Baron Londesborough1850Denisonextantcreated Earl of Londesborough and Viscount Raincliffe (1887)
Baron Overstone1850Loydextinct 1883
Baron Truro1850Wildeextinct 1899
Baron Cranworth1850Rolfeextinct 1868
Baron Broughton1851Hobhouseextinct 1869
Baron de Freyne1851Frenchextantalso Baron de Freyne, which title extinct 1856
Baron St Leonards1852Sugdenextinct 1985 
Baron Raglan1852Somersetextant
Baron Aveland1856Heathcoteextinct 1983
Baron Kenmare1856Browneextinct 1952also Earl of Kenmare, Viscount Kenmare, Viscount Castlerosse and Baron Kenmare in Ireland
Baron Lyons1856Lyonsextinct 1887created Viscount Lyons (1881)
Baron Wensleydale1856Parkeextinct 25 February 1868also Baron Wensleydale for life
Baron Belper1856Struttextant
Baron Talbot de Malahide1856Talbotextinct 14 April 1973also Baron Talbot of Malahide in Ireland
Baron Ebury1857Grosvenorextantalso Earl of Wilton and Viscount Grey de Wilton from 1 October 1999
Baron Macaulay1857Macaulayextinct 28 December 1859
Baron Skene1857Duffextinct 29 January 1912also Earl Fife, Viscount Macduff and Baron Braco in Ireland, created Earl of Fife on 13 July 1885, created Duke of Fife and Marquess of Macduff on 29 July 1889, created Duke of Fife and Earl of Macduff on 16 October 1899
Baron Chesham1858Cavendishextant
Baron Chelmsford1858Thesigerextantcreated Viscount Chelmsford on 3 June 1921
Baron Churston1858Buller Yarde Bullerextant
Baron Strathspey1858Grantextinct 31 March 1884also Earl of Seafield, Viscount of Seafield, Viscount of Reidhaven, Lord Ogilvie of Cullen and Lord Ogilvie of Deskford and Cullen in Scotland
Baron Clyde1858Campbellextinct 14 August 1863
Baron Kingsdown1858Pemberton Leighextinct 7 Oct 1867
Baron Leconfield1859Wyndhamextantalso Baron Egremont from 1967
Baron Egerton1859Egertonextinct 30 January 1958created Earl Egerton and Viscount Salford on 22 July 1897
Baron Tredegar1859Morganextinct 17 November 1962created Viscount Tredegar on 28 December 1905, which title extinct 11 March 1913, created Viscount Tredegar on 4 August 1926, which title extinct 27 April 1949
Baron Elphinstone1859Elphinstoneextinct 19 July 1860also Lord Elphinstone in Scotland
Baron Seton and Tranent1859Montgomerieextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Winton, also Earl of Eglinton and Lord Montgomery in Scotland and Baron Ardrossan
Baron Lyveden1859Smithextant
Baron Llanover1859Hallextinct 27 April 1867
Baron Taunton1859Labouchereextinct 13 July 1869
Baron Brougham and Vaux1860Broughamextantalso Baron Brougham and Vaux, which title extinct 7 May 1868
Baron Kinnaird1860Kinnairdextinct 27 February 1997also Lord Kinnaird in Scotland
Baron Herbert1861Herbertextant
Baron Westbury1861Bethellextant
Baron Fitzhardinge1861Berkeleyextinct 5 December 1916
Baroness Castlehaven1861Sutherland-Leveson-Gowerextantsubsidiary title of the Countess of Cromartie, created Baroness Castlehaven at the same time
Baroness Macleod1861Sutherland-Leveson-Gowerextantsubsidiary title of the Countess of Cromartie, created Baroness Macleod at the same time
Baron Annaly1863Whiteextant
Baron Houghton1863Milnesextinct 20 June 1945created Earl of Crewe on 17 July 1895 and Marquess of Crewe and Earl of Madeley on 3 July 1911
Baroness Buckhurst1864Sackville, Westextantalso Earl De La Warr and Viscount Cantelupe in Great Britain and Baron de la Warr in England from 9 January 1870
Baron Romilly1866Romillyextinct 29 June 1983
Baron Northbrook1866Baringextantcreated Earl of Northbrook and Viscount Baring on 10 June 1876, which titles extinct 12 April 1929
Baron Barrogill1866Sinclairextinct 25 May 1889also Earl of Caithness and Lord Berriedale in Scotland
Baron Clermont1866Fortescueextinct 29 July 1887also Baron Clermont in Ireland
Baron Meredyth1866Somervilleextinct 8 January 1929also Baron Athlumney in Ireland
Baron Kenry1866Windham-Quinextinct 14 June 1926also Earl of Dunraven and Mount-Earl, Viscount Mount-Earl, Viscount Adare and Baron Adare in Ireland
Baron Monck1866Monckextantalso Viscount Monck and Baron Monck in Ireland
Baron Hartismere1866Henniker-Majorextantalso Baron Henniker in Ireland
Baron Lytton1866Bulwer Lyttonextantcreated Earl of Lytton and Viscount Knebworth on 28 April 1880
Baron Hylton1866Jolliffeextant
Baron Strathnairn1866Roseextinct 16 Oct 1885
Baron Penrhyn1866Douglas Pennantextant
Baron Brancepeth1866Hamilton Russellextantalso Viscount Boyne and Baron Hamilton in Ireland
Baron Colonsay1867McNeillextinct 31 January 1874
Baron Cairns1867Cairnsextantcreated Earl Cairns and Viscount Garmoyle on 27 September 1878
Baron Kesteven1868Trollopeextinct 5 November 1915
Baron Ormathwaite1868Walshextinct 8 March 1984
Baron Fitzwalter1868Bridgesextinct 6 December 1875
Baron O'Neill1868O'Neillextant
Baron Napier of Magdala1868Napierextant
Baron Gormanston1868Prestonextantalso Viscount Gormanston, Baron Gormanston and Baron Loundres in Ireland
Baron Hatherley1868Woodextinct 1881 
Baron Lawrence1869Lawrenceextant 
Baron Penzance1869Wildeextinct 1899 
Baron Dunning1869Rogerson Rolloextantalso Lord Rollo in Scotland
Baron Balinhard1869Carnegieextantalso Earl of Southesk and Lord Carnegie in Scotland, also Duke of Fife and Earl of Macduff from 1992
Baron Hare1869Hareextantalso Earl of Listowel, Viscount Ennismore and Listowel and Baron Ennismore in Ireland
Baron Howard of Glossop1869Fitz-alan Howardextant 
Baron Castletown1869FitzPatrickextinct 1937 
Baron Acton1869Dalberg-Actonextant 
Baron Robartes1869Agar-Robartesextinct 1974 
Baron Wolverton1869Glynextant
Baron Greville1869Greville-Nugentextinct 9 December 1987
Baron Kildare1870Fitzgeraldextant
Baron O'Hagan1870O'Haganextant
Baron Lisgar1870Youngextinct 6 Oct 1876
Baron Dalling and Bulwer1871Bulwerextinct 23 May 1872
Baron Sandhurst1871Mansfieldextantcreated Viscount Sandhurst on 1 January 1917
Baroness Burdett-Coutts1871Burdett-Couttsextinct 30 December 1906
Baron Bloomfield1871Bloomfieldextinct 17 August 1879also Baron Bloomfield in Ireland
Baron Blachford1871Rogersextinct 1889 
Baron Ettrick1872Napierextantalso Lord Napier in Scotland
Baron Hanmer1872Hanmerextinct 1881 
Baron Selborne1872Palmerextantcreated Earl of Selborne (1882) in the United Kingdom
Baron Breadalbane1873Campbellextinct 1922also Earl of Breadalbane and Holland, Viscount of Tay and Paintland and Lord Glenorchy in Scotland
Baron Somerton1873Agarextantalso Earl of Normanton, Viscount Somerton and Baron Somerton in Ireland
Baron Waveney1873Adairextinct 1886 
Baron Marjoribanks1873Robertsonextinct 1873 
Baron Aberdare1873Bruceextant 
Baron Lanerton1874Howardextinct 1880 
Baron Moncreiff1874Moncreiffextant
Baron Coleridge1874Coleridgeextant
Baron Emly1874Monsellextinct 24 November 1932
Baron Carlingford1874Parkinson Fortescueextinct 30 January 1898
Baron Cottesloe1874Fremantleextant
Baron Hammond1874Hammondextinct 29 April 1890
Baron Hampton1874Pakingtonextant
Baron Winmarleigh1874Wilson Pattenextinct 11 July 1892
Baron Eslington1874Liddellextinct 7 February 1904subsidiary title of the Earl of Ravensworth, also Baron Ravensworth
Baron Douglas1875Homeextantalso Earl of Home, Lord Home and Lord Dunglass in Scotland
Baron Ramsay1875Ramsayextantalso Earl of Dalhousie, Lord Ramsay of Dalhousie and Lord Ramsay and Carrington in Scotland
Baron Grey de Radcliffe1875Egertonextinct 18 January 1885
Baron Fermanagh1876Crichtonextantalso Earl of Erne, Viscount Erne and Baron Erne in Ireland
Baron Harlech1876Ormsby-Goreextant
Baron Alington1876Sturtextinct 17 September 1940
Baron Tollemache1876Tollemacheextant
Baron Gerard1876Gerardextant
Baron Sackville1876Sackville-Westextant
Baron Airey1876Aireyextinct 13 September 1881
Baron Norton1878Adderleyextant
Baron Shute1880Barringtonextinct 6 April 1990also Viscount Barrington and Baron Barrington in Ireland
Baroness Bolsover1880Cavendish-Bentinckextinct 30 July 1990
Baron Haldon1880Palkextinct 11 January 1939
Baron Wimborne1880Guestextantcreated Viscount Wimborne on 15 June 1918
Baron Ardilaun1880Guinnessextinct 20 January 1915
Baron Lamington1880Cochrane Wishart Baillieextinct 20 September 1951
Baron Donington1880Abney Hastingsextinct 31 May 1927
Baron Trevor1880Hill-Trevorextant
Baron Rowton1880Lowry Corryextinct 9 November 1903
Baron Mount-Temple1880Cowper-Templeextinct 17 Oct 1888
Baron Brabourne1880Knatchbull-Hugessenextant
Baron Ampthill1881Russellextant
Baron Arklow1881Wettinsuspended 1919subsidiary title of the Duke of Albany, created Earl of Clarence at the same time
Baron Tweeddale1881Hayextantalso Marquess of Tweeddale, Earl of Tweeddale, Earl of Gifford, Viscount of Walden and Lord Hay of Yester in Scotland
Baron Howth1881St Lawrenceextinct 9 March 1909also Earl of Howth, Viscount St Lawrence and Baron Howth in Ireland
Baron Reay1881Mackayextinct 1 August 1921also Lord Reay in Scotland
Baron Derwent1881Van den Bempde-Johnstoneextant
Baron Hothfield1881Tuftonextant
Baron Tweedmouth1881Marjoribanksextinct 23 April 1935
Baron Bramwell1882Bramwellextinct 9 May 1892
Baron Alcester1882Seymourextinct 30 March 1895
Baron Wolseley1882Wolseleyextinct 25 March 1913created Viscount Wolseley on 28 September 1885
Baron Tennyson1884Tennysonextant
Baron Strathspey1884Ogilvie Grantextantalso Earl of Seafield, Viscount of Seafield, Viscount of Reidhaven, Lord Ogilvie of Cullen and Lord Ogilvie of Deskford and Cullen in Scotland
Baron Monk Bretton1884Dodsonextant
Baron Northbourne1884Jamesextant
Baron Sudley1884Goreextantalso Earl of Arran, Viscount Sudeley and Baron Saunders in Ireland
Baron de Vesci1884Veseyextinct 6 July 1903also Viscount de Vesci and Baron Knapton in Ireland
Baron Herries1884Constable Maxwellextinct 5 Oct 1908also Lord Herries in Scotland
Baron Halsbury1885Giffardextantcreated Earl of Halsbury and Viscount Tiverton on 19 January 1898
Baron Powerscourt1885Wingfieldextantalso Viscount Powerscourt and Baron Wingfield in Ireland
Baron Northington1885Henleyextantalso Baron Henley in Ireland
Baron Rothschild1885Rothschildextant
Baron Revelstoke1885Baringextant
Baron Monkswell1885Collierextant
Baron Hobhouse1885Hobhouseextinct 6 December 1904
Baron Lingen1885Lingenextinct 22 July 1905
Baron Ashbourne1885Gibsonextant
Baron Saint Oswald1885Winnextant
Baron Wantage1885Loyd-Lindsayextinct 10 June 1901
Baron Esher1885Brettextantcreated Viscount Esher on 11 November 1897
Baron Deramore1885Batesonextant
Baron Montagu of Beaulieu1885Montagu-Douglas-Scottextant
Baron Elphinstone1885Elphinstoneextantalso Lord Elphinstone in Scotland
Baron Colville of Culross1885Colvilleextantalso Lord Colville of Culross in Scotland, created Viscount Colville of Culross on 12 July 1902
Baron Herschell1886Herschellextant
Baron Hillingdon1886Millsextinct 1 September 1982
Baron Hindlip1886Allsoppextant
Baron Grimthorpe1886Beckettextant
Baron Stalbridge1886Grosvenorextinct 24 December 1949
Baron Kensington1886Edwardesextantalso Baron Kensington in Ireland
Baron Farnborough1886Mayextinct 17 May 1886
Baron Burton1886Bassextinct 1 February 1909created Baron Burton on 29 November 1897
Baron Hamilton of Dalzell1886Hamiltonextant
Baron Brassey1886Brasseyextinct 12 November 1919created Earl Brassey and Viscount Hythe on 5 July 1911
Baron Thring1886Thringextinct 4 February 1907
Baron Stanley of Preston1886Stanleyextant 
Baron Connemara1887Bourkeextinct 1902 
Baron Bowes1887Bowes Lyonextantalso Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, Viscount of Lyon and Lord Glamis in Scotland, created Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne in 1937
Baron Monckton1887Monckton-Arundellextinct 1971also Viscount Galway and Baron Killard in Ireland
Baron Saint Levan1887St Aubynextant 
Baron Magheramorne1887McGarel-Hoggextinct 1957 
Baron Armstrong1887Armstrongextinct 1900 
Baron Basing1887Sclater-Boothextant 
Baron de Ramsey1887Fellowesextant 
Baron Cheylesmore1887Eatonextinct 1974 
Baron Addington1887Hubbardextant 
Baron Knutsford1888Hollandextantcreated Viscount Knutsford on 3 August 1895
Baron Savile1888Savileextant
Baron Field1890Fieldextinct 23 January 1907
Baron Sandford1891Sandfordextinct 31 December 1893
Baron Iveagh1891Guinnessextantcreated Viscount Iveagh on 18 December 1905, created Earl of Iveagh and Viscount Elveden on 30 September 1919
Baron Mount Stephen1891Stephenextinct 29 November 1921
Baron Masham1891Cunliffe Listerextinct 4 January 1924
Baroness Macdonald of Earnscliffe1891Macdonaldextinct 5 September 1920
Baron Roberts of Kandahar1892Robertsextinct 14 November 1914created Earl Roberts and Viscount St Pierre on 11 February 1901
Baron Hood of Avalon1892Hoodextinct 15 November 1901
Baron Kelvin1892Thomsonextinct 17 December 1907
Baron Killarney1892Wettinmerged in Crown 6 May 1910subsidiary title of the Duke of York, created Earl of Inverness at the same time, became Duke of Cornwall in England and Duke of Rothesay and Earl of Carrick in Scotland on 22 January 1901, created Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester on 9 November 1901
Baron Rookwood1892Ibbetsonextinct 15 January 1902
Baron Cromer1892Baringextantcreated Viscount Cromer on 25 January 1899, created Earl of Cromer and Viscount Errington on 6 August 1901
Baron Shand1892Shandextinct 6 March 1904
Baron Medway1892Gathorne-Hardyextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Cranbrook, also Viscount Cranbrook
Baron Ashcombe1892Cubittextant
Baron Knightley1892Knightleyextinct 19 December 1895
Baron Blythswood1892Campbellextinct 14 September 1940
Baron Crawshaw1892Brooksextant
Baron Amherst of Hackney1892Tyssen Amherstextant
Baron Newton1892Leghextant
Baron Dunleath1892Mulhollandextant
Baron Llangattock1892Rollsextinct 31 Oct 1916
Baron Playfair1892Playfairextinct 26 December 1939
Baron Battersea1892Flowerextinct 27 November 1907
Baron Swansea1893Vivianextant
Baron Farrer1893Farrerextinct 16 December 1964
Baron Overtoun1893Whiteextinct 15 February 1908
Baron Hawkesbury1893Foljambeextantcreated Earl of Liverpool and Viscount Hawkesbury on 22 December 1905
Baron Kelhead1893Douglasextinct 19 Oct 1894
Baron Stanmore1893Hamilton-Gordonextinct 13 April 1957
Baron Rendel1894Rendelextinct 4 June 1913
Baron Welby1894Welbyextinct 29 Oct 1915
Baron Loch1895Lochextinct 24 June 1991
Baron Wandsworth1895Sternextinct 10 February 1912
Baron Ashton1895Williamsonextinct 27 May 1930
Baron Burghclere1895Gardnerextinct 6 May 1921
Baron James of Hereford1895Jamesextinct 18 August 1911
Baron Rathmore1895Plunketextinct 22 August 1919
Baron Pirbright1895de Wormsextinct 9 January 1903
Baron Glenesk1895Borthwickextinct 24 November 1908
Baron Leighton1896Leightonextinct 25 January 1896
Baron Aldenham1896Gibbsextant
Baron Heneage1896Heneageextinct 19 February 1967
Baron Malcolm of Poltalloch1896Malcolmextinct 6 March 1902
Baron Roos1896Mannersextantalso Duke of Rutland, Marquess of Granby, Earl of Rutland and Baron Manners of Haddon in England
Baron Rosmead1896Robinsonextinct 26 May 1933
Baron Kinnear1897Kinnearextinct 20 December 1917
Baron Lister1897Listerextinct 10 February 1912
Baron Fairlie1897Boyleextantalso Earl of Glasgow, Viscount of Kelburn, Lord Boyle of Kelburn and Lord Boyle of Stewartoun in Scotland
Baron Dawnay1897Dawnayextantalso Viscount Downe and Baron Dawnay in Ireland
Baron Ludlow1897Lopesextinct 8 November 1922
Baron Holmpatrick1897Hamiltonextant
Baron Inverclyde1897Burnsextinct 17 June 1957
Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal1897Smithextinct 21 January 1914created Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal on 26 June 1900
Baron Burton1897Bassextantalso Baron Burton, which title extinct 1 February 1909
Baron Newlands1898Hozierextinct 5 September 1929
Baron Farquhar1898Townsend-Farquharextinct 30 August 1923created Viscount Farquhar on 21 June 1917 and Earl Farquhar on 30 November 1922
Baron Muncaster1898Penningtonextinct 30 March 1917also Baron Muncaster in Ireland
Baron Haliburton1898Haliburtonextinct 21 April 1907
Baron Kitchener of Khartoum1898Kitchenerextinct 5 June 1916created Viscount Kitchener of Khartoum on 11 July 1902 and Earl Kitchener, Viscount Broome and Baron Denton on 27 July 1914
Baron Currie1899Currieextinct 12 May 1906
Baron Glanusk1899Baileyextant
Baron Brampton1899Hawkinsextinct 6 Oct 1907
Baron Cranworth1899Gurdonextant
Baroness Dorchester1899Carletonextinct 20 January 1963
Baron Pauncefote1899Pauncefoteextinct 24 May 1902
Baron Northcote1900Northcoteextinct 29 September 1911
Baron Avebury1900Lubbockextant
Baron Killanin1900Morrisextantalso Baron Morris, which title extinct 8 September 1901
Baron O'Brien1900O'Brienextinct 7 September 1914
Baron Alverstone1900Websterextinct 15 December 1915created Viscount Alverstone on 24 November 1913
Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal1900Smithextantalso Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal, which title extinct 21 January 1914
Baron Wensleydale1900Ridleyextant
Baron Milner1901Milnerextinct 13 May 1925created Viscount Milner on 15 July 1902
Baron Kinross1902Balfourextant
Baron Shuttleworth1902Kay-Shuttleworthextant
Baron Allerton1902Jacksonextinct 1 July 1991
Baron Barrymore1902Smith-Barryextinct 22 February 1925
Baron Grenfell1902Grenfellextantcreated Baron Grenfell of Kilvey for life on 17 April 2000
Baron Knollys1902Knollysextantcreated Viscount Knollys on 4 July 1911
Baron Redesdale1902Freeman-Mitfordextantcreated Earl of Redesdale on 3 January 1877, which title extinct 2 May 1886, created Baron Mitford for life on 18 April 2000
Baron Burnham1903Levy-Lawsonextantcreated Viscount Burnham on 16 May 1919, which title extinct 20 July 1933
Baron Biddulph1903Biddulphextant
Baron Estcourt1903Sotheron-Estcourtextinct 12 January 1915
Baron Armstrong1903Watson-Armstrongextinct 1 Oct 1987
Baron St Helier1905Jeuneextinct 9 April 1905
Baron Dunedin1905Murrayextinct 21 August 1942created Viscount Dunedin on 17 February 1926
Baron Leith of Fyvie1905Forbes-Leithextinct 14 November 1925
Baron Sanderson1905Sandersonextinct 21 March 1923
Baron Ritchie of Dundee1905Ritchieextant
Baron Waleran1905Walrondextinct 4 April 1966
Baron Knaresborough1905Meysey-Thompsonextinct 3 March 1929
Baron Northcliffe1905Harmsworthextinct 14 August 1922created Viscount Northcliffe on 14 January 1918
Baron Michelham1905Sternextinct 29 March 1984
Baron Faber1905Faberextinct 17 September 1920
Baron Desborough1905Grenfellextinct 9 January 1945
Baron Loreburn1906Reidextinct 30 November 1923created Earl Loreburn on 4 July 1911
Baron Fitzmaurice1906Fitzmauriceextinct 21 June 1935
Baron Weardale1906Stanhopeextinct 1 March 1923
Baron Haversham1906Hayterextinct 10 May 1917
Baron Hemphill1906Hemphillextant
Baron Joicey1906Joiceyextant
Baron Nunburnholme1906Wilsonextant
Baron Winterstoke1906Willsextinct 29 January 1911
Baron Colebrooke1906Colebrookeextinct 28 February 1939
Baron Courtney of Penwith1906Courtneyextinct 11 May 1918
Baron Eversley1906Shaw-Lefevreextinct 19 April 1928
Baron Pirrie1906Pirrieextinct 6 June 1924created Viscount Pirrie on 9 July 1921
Baron Glantawe1906Jenkinsextinct 27 July 1915
Baron Armitstead1906Armitsteadextinct 7 December 1915
Baron Allendale1906Beaumontextantcreated Viscount Allendale on 5 July 1911
Baron Airedale1907Kitsonextinct 19 March 1996
Baron Swaythling1907Samuel-Montaguextant
Baron Blyth1907Blythextant
Baron Peckover1907Peckoverextinct 21 Oct 1919
Baron Morley of Blackburn1908Morleyextinct 23 September 1923
Baron Lochee1908Robertsonextinct 13 September 1911
Baron MacDonnell1908MacDonnellextinct 9 June 1925
Baron Marchamley1908Whiteleyextant
Baron Holden1908Holdenextinct 6 July 1951
Baron St Davids1908Philippsextantcreated Viscount St Davids on 17 June 1918, also Baron Strange, Baron Hungerford and Baron de Moleyns from 1974
Baron Pentland1909Sinclairextinct 14 February 1984
Baron Gorell1909Barnesextant
Baron Desart1909Cuffeextinct 4 November 1934also Earl of Desart, Viscount Desart, Viscount Castlecuff and Baron Desart in Ireland
Baron Fisher1909Fisherextant
Baron Kilbracken1909Godleyextant
Baron Ashby St Ledgers1910Guestextant
Baron Mersey1910Bighamextantcreated Viscount Mersey on 22 January 1916
Baron Islington1910Dickson-Poynderextinct 6 December 1936
Baron Southwark1910Caustonextinct 23 February 1929
Baron Ilkeston1910Fosterextinct 4 January 1952
Baron Devonport1910Kearleyextantcreated Viscount Devonport on 22 June 1917
Baron Cowdray1910Pearsonextantcreated Viscount Cowdray on 2 January 1917
Baron Rotherham1910Hollandextinct 24 January 1950
Baron Furness1910Furnessextinct 1 May 1995created Viscount Furness on 16 January 1918
Baron Willingdon1910Freeman-Thomasextinct 19 March 1979created Viscount Willingdon on 23 June 1924, Earl of Willingdon and Viscount Ratendone on 20 February 1931 and Marquess of Willingdon on 26 May 1936
Baron Hardinge of Penshurst1910Hardingeextant
Baron de Villiers1910de Villiersextant
Baron Glenconner1911Tennantextant
Baron Mountgarret1911Butlerextantalso Viscount Mountgarret and Baron Kells in Ireland
Baron Aberconway1911McLarenextant
Baron St Audries1911Fuller-Acland-Hoodextinct 16 Oct 1971
Baron Stamfordham1911Biggeextinct 31 March 1931
Baron Merthyr1911Lewisextant
Baron Inchcape1911Mackayextantcreated Viscount Inchcape on 21 January 1924 and Earl of Inchcape and Viscount Glenapp on 20 June 1929
Baron Rowallan1911Corbettextant
Baron Ashton of Hyde1911Ashtonextant
Baron Charnwood1911Bensonextinct 1 February 1955
Baron Epsom1911Primroseextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Midlothian, also Earl of Rosebery, Viscount of Rosebery, Viscount of Inverkeithing, Lord Primrose and Dalmeny and Lord Dalmeny and Primrose in Scotland and Baron Rosebery, created Viscount Mentmore at the same time
Baron Douglas of Baads1911Akers-Douglasextantsubsidiary title of the Viscount Chilston
Baron Ravensdale1911Curzonextantsubsidiary title of the Earl Curzon of Kedleston, created Viscount Scarsdale at the same time, also Baron Curzon of Kedleston in Ireland, created Marquess Curzon of Kedleston and Earl of Kedleston on 28 June 1921, which titles all extinct 20 March 1925, except Viscount Scarsdale, from which this title was separated, created Baroness Ravensdale of Kedleston for life on 6 October 1958, which title extinct 9 February 1966
Baron Emmott1911Emmottextinct 13 December 1926
Baron Strachie1911Stracheyextinct 17 May 1973
Baron Carmichael1912Gibson-Carmichaelextinct 16 January 1926
Baron Pontypridd1912Thomasextinct 14 December 1927
Baron Hollenden1912Morleyextant
Baron Butler of Mount Juliet1912Butlerextantalso Earl of Carrick and Viscount Ikerrin in Ireland
Baron Channing of Wellingborough1912Channingextinct 20 February 1926
Baron Nicholson1912Nicholsonextinct 13 September 1918
Baron Murray of Elibank1912Murrayextinct 13 September 1920
Baron Whitburgh1912Borthwickextinct 29 September 1967
Baron Sydenham of Combe1913Clarkeextinct 7 February 1933
Baron Rochdale1913Kempextantcreated Viscount Rochdale on 20 January 1960
Baron Reading1914Isaacsextantcreated Viscount Reading on 26 June 1916, Earl of Reading and Viscount Erleigh on 20 December 1917 and Marquess of Reading on 7 May 1926
Baron Strathclyde1914Ureextinct 2 Oct 1928
Baron Parmoor1914Crippsextant
Baron Rothermere1914Harmsworthextantcreated Viscount Rothermere on 17 May 1919
Baron Cozens-Hardy1914Cozens-Hardyextinct 11 September 1975
Baron D'Abernon1914Vincentextinct 1 November 1941created Viscount D'Abernon on 20 February 1926
Baron Ranksborough1914Brocklehurstextinct 28 February 1921
Baron Lyell1914Lyellextant
Baron Denton1914Kitchenerextantsubsidiary title of the Earl Kitchener, also Viscount Kitchener of Khartoum and Baron Kitchener of Khartoum, created Viscount Broome at the same time
Baron Cunliffe1914Cunliffeextant
Baron Wrenbury1915Buckleyextant
Baron Buckmaster1915Buckmasterextantcreated Viscount Buckmaster on 24 February 1933
Baron Bertie of Thame1915Bertieextinct 29 August 1954created Viscount Bertie of Thame on 2 September 1918
Baron Muir-Mackenzie1915Muir Mackenzieextinct 22 May 1930
Baron Beresford1916Beresfordextinct 6 September 1919
Baron Faringdon1916Hendersonextant
Baron Shaughnessy1916Shaughnessyextant
Baron Astor1916Astorextantcreated Viscount Astor on 23 June 1917
Baron Rathcreedan1916Nortonextant
Baron Rhondda1916Thomasextinct 3 July 1918created Viscount Rhondda on 19 June 1918
Baron Somerleyton1916Crossleyextant
Baron Carnock1916Nicolsonextant
Baron Anslow1916Mosleyextinct 20 August 1933
Baron Glentanar1916Coatsextinct 28 June 1971
Baron Roundway1916Colstonextinct 29 March 1944
Baron Finlay1916Finlayextinct 30 June 1945created Viscount Finlay on 27 March 1919
Baron Stuart of Wortley1917Stuart-Wortleyextinct 24 April 1926
Baron Beaverbrook1917Aitkenextant
Baron Nuneham1917Harcourtextinct 3 January 1979
Baron Gainford1917Peaseextant
Baron Forteviot1917Dewarextant
Baron Roe1917Roeextinct 7 June 1923
Baron Doverdale1917Partingtonextinct 18 January 1949
Baron Atholstan1917Grahamextinct 28 January 1938
Baron Annesley1917Annesleyextinct 6 Oct 1949also Viscount Valentia and Baron Mountnorris in Ireland
Baron Lambourne1917Lockwoodextinct 26 December 1928
Baron Treowen1917Herbertextinct 18 Oct 1933
Baron Leverhulme1917Leverextinct 4 July 2000created Viscount Leverhulme on 27 November 1922
Baron Colwyn1917Smithextant
Baron Gisborough1917Chalonerextant
Baron Southborough1917Hopwoodextinct 15 June 1992
Baron Morris1918Morrisextant
Baron Cawley1918Cawleyextant
Baron Armaghdale1918Lonsdaleextinct 8 June 1924
Baron Queenborough1918Pagetextinct 22 September 1949
Baron Terrington1918Woodhouseextant
Baron Weir1918Weirextantcreated Viscount Weir on 25 June 1938
Baron Glenarthur1918Arthurextant
Baron Glanely1918Tatemextinct 28 June 1942
Baron Wittenham1918Faberextinct 1 February 1931
Baron Shandon1918O'Brienextinct 10 September 1930
Baron Phillimore1918Phillimoreextant
Baron Lee of Fareham1918Leeextinct 21 July 1947created Viscount Lee of Fareham on 28 November 1922
Baron Bledisloe1918Bathurstextantcreated Viscount Bledisloe on 24 June 1935
Baron Sterndale1918Pickfordextinct 17 August 1923
Baron Downham1918Fisherextinct 2 July 1920
Baron Birkenhead1919Smithextinct 18 February 1985created Viscount Birkenhead on 15 June 1921 and Earl of Birkenhead and Viscount Furneaux on 28 November 1922
Baron Ernle1919Protheroextinct 1 July 1937
Baron Inverforth1919Weirextant
Baron Sinha1919Sinhaextant
Baron Askwith1919Askwithextinct 2 June 1942
Baron Chalmers1919Chalmersextinct 17 November 1938
Baron Cochrane of Cults1919Cochraneextant
Baron Wyfold1919Hermon-Hodgeextinct 8 April 1999
Baron Clwyd1919Robertsextant
Baron Dewar1919Dewarextinct 11 April 1930
Baron Beatty1919Beattyextantsubsidiary title of the Earl Beatty, created Viscount Borodale at the same time
Baron Haig1919Haigextantsubsidiary title of the Earl Haig, created Viscount Dawick at the same time
Baron Plumer1919Plumerextinct 24 February 1944created Viscount Plumer on 24 June 1929
Baron Rawlinson1919Rawlinsonextinct 28 March 1925
Baron Byng of Vimy1919Byngextinct 6 June 1935created Viscount Byng of Vimy on 12 January 1928
Baron Horne1919Horneextinct 14 August 1929
Baron Russell of Liverpool1919Russellextant
Baron Wavertree1919Walkerextinct 2 February 1933
Baron Ruthven of Gowrie1919Hore-Ruthvenextant
Baron Swinfen1919Eadyextant
Baron Wester Wemyss1919Wemyssextinct 24 May 1933
Baron Meston1919Mestonextant
Baron Forster1919Forsterextinct 15 January 1936
Baron Ashfield1920Stanleyextinct 4 November 1948
Baron Riddell1920Riddellextinct 5 December 1934
Baron Dawson of Penn1920Dawsonextinct 7 March 1945created Viscount Dawson of Penn on 30 October 1936
Baron Cullen of Ashbourne1920Cokayneextant 
Baron Killarney1920Windsormerged in Crown 1936subsidiary title of the Duke of York, created Earl of Inverness at the same time
Baron Marshall of Chipstead1921Marshallextinct 1936 
Baron Invernairn1921Beardmoreextinct 1936 
Baron Cable1921Cableextinct 1927 
Baron Ystwyth1921Vaughan-Daviesextinct 1935 
Baron Seaforth1921Stewart-Mackenzieextinct 1923 
Baron Illingworth1921Illingworthextinct 1942 
Baron Bearsted1921Samuelextantcreated Viscount Bearsted in 1925
Baron Dalziel of Kirkcaldy1921Dalzielextinct 1935 
Baron Ailwyn1921Fellowesextinct 1988 
Baron Glenavy1921Campbellextinct 1 June 1984
Baron Trevethin1921Lawrenceextant
Baron Glendyne1922Nivisonextant
Baron Woolavington1922Buchananextinct 9 August 1935
Baron Manton1922Watsonextant
Baron Barnby1922Willeyextinct 30 April 1982
Baron Hewart1922Hewartextinct 23 July 1964created Viscount Hewart on 28 October 1940
Baron Forres1922Williamsonextant
Baron Vestey1922Vesteyextant
Baron Waring1922Waringextinct 9 January 1940
Baron Borwick1922Borwickextant
Baron Mildmay of Flete1922Mildmayextinct 12 May 1950
Baron Maclay1922Maclayextant
Baron Wargrave1922Gouldingextinct 17 July 1936
Baron Bethell1922Bethellextant
Baron Daryngton1923Peaseextinct 5 April 1994
Baron Kylsant1923Philippsextinct 5 June 1937
Baron Lawrence of Kingsgate1923Lawrenceextinct 17 December 1927
Baron Hunsdon of Hunsdon1923Gibbsextant
Baron Jessel1924Jesselextinct 13 June 1990
Baron Darling1924Darlingextant
Baron Banbury of Southam1924Banburyextant
Baron Olivier1924Olivierextinct 15 February 1943
Baron Thomson1924Thomsonextinct 5 Oct 1930
Baron Arnold1924Arnoldextinct 3 August 1945
Baron Danesfort1924Butcherextinct 30 June 1935
Baron Stevenson1924Stevensonextinct 10 June 1926
Baron Merrivale1925Dukeextant
Baron Bradbury1925Bradburyextant
Baron Stonehaven1925Bairdextantcreated Viscount Stonehaven on 27 June 1938
Baron Lloyd1925Lloydextinct 5 November 1985
Baron Irwin1925Woodextantalso Viscount Halifax from 19 January 1934, created Earl of Halifax on 11 July 1944
Baron Mereworth1926Browneextantalso Baron Oranmore and Browne in Ireland
Baron Hanworth1926Pollockextantcreated Viscount Hanworth on 17 January 1936
Baron Buckland1926Berryextinct 23 May 1928
Baron Warrington of Clyffe1926Warringtonextinct 26 Oct 1937
Baron Greenway1927Greenwayextant
Baron Hayter1927Chubbextant
Baron Cornwallis1927Cornwallisextant
Baron Daresbury1927Greenallextant
Baron Dalziel of Wooler1927Dalzielextinct 18 April 1928
Baron Cushendun1927McNeillextinct 12 Oct 1934
Baron Wraxall1928Gibbsextant
Baron Strickland1928Stricklandextinct 22 August 1940
Baron Lugard1928Lugardextinct 11 April 1945
Baron Culloden1928Windsorextantsubsidiary title of the Duke of Gloucester, created Earl of Ulster at the same time
Baron Hailsham1928Hoggextantcreated Viscount Hailsham on 4 July 1929
Baron Melchett1928Mondextant
Baron Remnant1928Remnantextant
Baron Ebbisham1928Bladesextinct 12 April 1991
Baron Davidson of Lambeth1928Davidsonextinct 25 May 1930
Baron Trent1929Bootextinct 8 March 1956
Baron Moynihan1929Moynihanextant
Baron Fairhaven1929Broughtonextinct 20 August 1966created Baron Fairhaven on 25 July 1961
Baron Craigmyle1929Shawextantalso Baron Shaw for life, which title extinct 28 June 1937
Baron Brotherton1929Brothertonextinct 21 Oct 1930
Baron Bayford1929Sandersextinct 24 February 1940
Baron Camrose1929Berryextantcreated Viscount Camrose on 20 January 1941
Baron Sankey1929Sankeyextinct 6 February 1948created Viscount Sankey on 30 January 1932
Baron Passfield1929Webbextinct 13 Oct 1947
Baron Dulverton1929Willsextant
Baron Luke1929Lawson-Johnstonextant
Baron Alvingham1929Yerburghextant
Baron Marks1929Marksextinct 24 September 1938
Baron Amulree1929Mackenzieextinct 15 December 1983
Baron Tyrrell1929Tyrrellextinct 14 March 1947
Baron Greenwood1929Greenwoodextinct 7 July 2003created Viscount Greenwood on 16 February 1937
Baron Baden-Powell1929Baden-Powellextant
Baron Marley1930Amanextinct 13 March 1990
Baron Ponsonby of Shulbrede1930Ponsonbyextantcreated Baron Ponsonby of Roehampton for life on 19 April 2000
Baron Dickinson1930Dickinsonextant
Baron Wakefield1930Wakefieldextinct 15 January 1941created Viscount Wakefield on 28 June 1934
Baron Kirkley1930Nobleextinct 11 September 1935
Baron Trenchard1930Trenchardextantcreated Viscount Trenchard on 31 January 1936
Baron Noel-Buxton1930Buxtonextant
Baron Sanderson1930Furnissextinct 25 March 1939
Baron Howard of Penrith1930Howardextant
Baron Plender1931Plenderextinct 19 January 1946
Baron Hyndley1931Hindleyextinct 5 January 1963created Viscount Hyndley on 2 February 1948
Baron Rutherford of Nelson1931Rutherfordextinct 19 Oct 1937
Baron Rochester1931Lambextant
Baron Snell1931Snellextinct 21 April 1944
Baron Mamhead1931Newmanextinct 2 November 1945
Baron Conway of Allington1931Conwayextinct 19 April 1937
Baron Mount Temple1932Ashleyextinct 3 July 1939
Baron Selsdon1932Mitchell-Thomsonextant
Baron Allen of Hurtwood1932Allenextinct 3 March 1939
Baron Moyne1932Guinnessextant
Baron Rhayader1932Jonesextinct 26 September 1939
Baron Woodbridge1932Churchmanextinct 3 February 1949
Baron Essendon1932Lewisextinct 18 July 1978
Baron Davies1932Daviesextant
Baron Gladstone of Hawarden1932Gladstoneextinct 28 April 1935
Baron Rankeillour1932Hopeextant
Baron Hutchison of Montrose1932Hutchisonextinct 13 June 1950
Baron Runciman1933RuncimanextantHeir created Viscount Runciman of Doxford on 10 June 1937 and Barony subsequently merged
Baron Brocket1933Nall-Cainextant
Baron Horder1933Horderextinct 2 July 1997
Baron Milne1933Milneextant
Baron Duveen1933Duveenextinct 25 May 1939
Baron Rennell1933Roddextant
Baron Mottistone1933Seelyextant
Baron Iliffe1933Iliffeextant
Baron Palmer1933Palmerextant
Baron Bingley1933Lane-Foxextinct 11 December 1947
Baron Rockley1934Cecilextant
Baron Portsea1934Falleextinct 1 November 1948
Baron Nuffield1934Morrisextinct 22 August 1963created Viscount Nuffield on 24 January 1938
Baron Eltisley1934Newtonextinct 2 September 1942
Baron Elton1934Eltonextant
Baron Bingham1934Binghamextantalso Earl of Lucan and Baron Lucan in Ireland
Baron Alness1934Munroextinct 6 Oct 1955
Baron Hirst1934Hirstextinct 22 January 1943
Baron Wakehurst1934Loderextant
Baron Downpatrick1934Windsorextantsubsidiary title of the Duke of Kent, created Earl of St Andrews at the same time
Baron Rushcliffe1935Bettertonextinct 18 November 1949
Baron Hesketh1935Fermor-Heskethextant
Baron Portal1935Portalextinct 6 May 1949created Viscount Portal on 1 February 1945
Baron Tweedsmuir1935Buchanextant
Baron Sysonby1935Ponsonbyextant
Baron Wigram1935Wigramextant
Baron Blackford1935Masonextinct 15 May 1988
Baron Riverdale1935Balfourextant
Baron May1935Mayextant
Baron St Just1935Grenfellextinct 14 Oct 1984
Baron Kennet1935Youngextant
Baron Gowrie1935Hore-Ruthvenextantcreated Earl of Gowrie and Viscount Ruthven of Canberra on 8 January 1945
Baron Strathcarron1936Macphersonextant
Baron Glenravel1936Bennextinct 1937 
Baron Kemsley1936Berryextantcreated Viscount Kemsley in 1945
Baron Catto1936Cattoextant 
Baron Cautley1936Cautleyextinct 1946 
Baron Hailey1936Haileyextinct 1969 
Baron Austin1936Austinextinct 1941 
Baron Wardington1936Peaseextant 
Baron Windlesham1937Hennessyextantcreated Baron Hennessy for life in 1999
Baron Mancroft1937Samuelextant 
Baron McGowan1937McGowanextant 
Baron Addison1937Addisonextantcreated Viscount Addison in 1945
Baron Denham1937Bowyerextant 
Baron Rea1937Reaextant
Baron Chatfield1937Chatfieldextant
Baron Cadman1937Cadmanextant
Baron Marchwood1937Pennyextantcreated Viscount Marchwood on 13 September 1945
Baron Kenilworth1937Siddeleyextant
Baron Southwood1937Eliasextinct 10 April 1946created Viscount Southwood on 25 January 1946
Baron Pender1937Denison-Penderextant
Baron Roborough1938Lopesextant
Baron Birdwood1938Birdwoodextant
Baron Brassey of Apethorpe1938Brasseyextant
Baron Belstead1938Ganzoniextant
Baron Perry1938Perryextinct 17 June 1956
Baron Stamp1938Stampextant
Baron Bicester1938Smithextant
Baron Fairfield1939Greerextinct 1945 
Baron Milford1939Philippsextant 
Baron Hankey1939Hankeyextant 
Baron Harmsworth1939Harmsworthextant 
Baron Brooke of Oakley1939Brookeextinct 1944 
Baron Rotherwick1939Cayzerextant 
Baron Ennisdale1939Lyonsextinct 1963 
Baron Woolton1939Marquisextantcreated Viscount Woolton (1953) and Earl of Woolton (1956) in the United Kingdom
Baron Glentoran1939Dixonextant 
Baron Tryon1940Tryonextant 
Baron Croft1940Croftextant 
Baron Abertay1940Barrieextinct 1940 
Baron Teviot1940Kerrextant
Baron Nathan1940Nathanextant
Baron Reith1940Reithextant
Baron Quickswood1941Gascoyne-Cecilextinct 10 December 1956
Baron Merriman1941Merrimanextinct 18 January 1962
Baron Kindersley1941Kindersleyextant
Baron Ironside1941Ironsideextant
Baron Leathers1941Leathersextantcreated Viscount Leathers on 18 January 1954
Baron Vansittart1941Vansittartextinct 14 February 1957
Baron Cherwell1941Lindemannextinct 3 July 1957created Viscount Cherwell on 26 June 1956
Baron Greene1941Greeneextinct 16 April 1952
Baron Soulbury1941Ramsbothamextantcreated Baron Soulbury on 16 July 1954
Baron Sherwood1941Seelyextinct 1 April 1970
Baron Latham1942Lathamextant
Baron Wedgwood1942Wedgwoodextant
Baron Geddes1942Geddesextant
Baron Winster1942Fletcherextinct 7 June 1961
Baron Clauson1942Clausonextinct 15 March 1946
Baron Bruntisfield1942Warrenderextant
Baron Lang of Lambeth1942Langextinct 5 December 1945
Baron Brabazon of Tara1942Moore-Brabazonextant
Baron Keynes1942Keynesextinct 21 April 1946
Baron Keyes1943Keyesextant
Baron Hemingford1943Herbertextant
Baron Moran1943Wilsonextant
Baron Killearn1943Lampsonextant
Baron Dowding1943Dowdingextant
Baron Gretton1944Grettonextant
Baron Royden1944Roydenextinct 6 November 1950
Baron Westwood1944Westwoodextant
Baron Ammon1944Ammonextinct 2 April 1960
Baron Courtauld-Thomson1944Courtauld-Thomsonextinct 1 November 1954
Baron Schuster1944Schusterextinct 28 June 1956
Baron Norman1944Normanextinct 4 February 1950
Baron Hazlerigg1945Hazleriggextant
Baron Hacking1945Hackingextant
Baron Courthope1945Courthopeextinct 2 September 1955
Baron Balfour of Inchrye1945Balfourextant
Baron Jackson1945Jacksonextinct 2 May 1954
Baron Quibell1945Quibellextinct 16 April 1962
Baron Walkden1945Walkdenextinct 25 April 1951
Baron Chetwode1945Chetwodeextant
Baron Cope1945Copeextinct 15 July 1946
Baron Ramsden1945Ramsdenextinct 9 August 1955
Baron Chattisham1945Brassextinct 24 August 1945
Baron Sandford1945Edmondsonextant
Baron Altrincham1945Griggextant
Baron Jowitt1945Jowittextinct 16 August 1957created Viscount Jowitt on 20 January 1947 and Earl Jowitt and Viscount Stevenage on 24 December 1951
Baron Pethick-Lawrence1945Pethick-Lawrenceextinct 17 September 1961
Baron Llewellin1945Llewellinextinct 24 January 1957
Baron Lyle of Westbourne1945Lyleextinct 1 August 1976
Baron Broadbridge1945Broadbridgeextant
Baron Cunningham of Hyndhope1945Cunninghamextinct 12 June 1963created Viscount Cunningham of Hyndhope on 26 January 1946
Baron Portal of Hungerford1945Portalextinct 29 September 1990created Viscount Portal of Hungerford on 28 January 1946, which title extinct 22 April 1971
Baron Alanbrooke1945Brookeextantcreated Viscount Alanbrooke on 29 January 1946
Baron Broughshane1945Davisonextant
Baron Pakenham1945Pakenhamextant
Baron Henderson1945Hendersonextinct 4 April 1984
Baron Mountevans1945Evansextant
Baron Lindsay of Birker1945Lindsayextant
Baron Piercy1945Piercyextant
Baron Morrison1945Morrisonextinct 28 Oct 1997
Baron Chorley1945Chorleyextant
Baron Calverley1945Muffextant
Baron Rusholme1945Palmerextinct 18 August 1977
Baron Tedder1946Tedderextant
Baron Colgrain1946Campbellextant
Baron Inman1946Inmanextinct 26 August 1979
Baron Tovey1946Toveyextinct 12 January 1971
Baron Darwen1946Daviesextant
Baron Wilson1946Wilsonextant
Baron Inverchapel1946Clark Kerrextinct 5 July 1951
Baron Beveridge1946Beveridgeextinct 16 March 1963
Baron Uvedale of North End1946Woodallextinct 28 February 1974
Baron Lucas of Chilworth1946Lucasextant
Baron Shepherd1946Shepherdextantcreated Baron Shepherd of Spalding for life on 16 November 1999
Baron Citrine1946Citrineextant
Baron Brand1946Brandextinct 23 August 1963
Baron Newall1946Newallextant
Baron Fraser of North Cape1946Fraserextinct 12 February 1981
Baron Oaksey1947Lawrenceextant
Baron Ismay1947Ismayextinct 17 December 1965
Baron Rugby1947Maffeyextant
Baron Layton1947Laytonextant
Baron Simon of Wythenshawe1947Simonextant
Baron Kershaw1947Kershawextant
Baron Trefgarne1947Garro-Jonesextant
Baron Dukeston1947Dukesextinct 14 May 1948
Baron Crook1947Crookextant
Baron Robinson1947Robinsonextinct 5 September 1952
Baron Amwell1947Montagueextant
Baron Milverton1947Richardsextant 
Baron Romsey1947Mountbattenextantsubsidiary title of the Earl Mountbatten of Burma, also Viscount Mountbatten of Burma
Baron Greenwich1947Mountbattenextantsubsidiary title of the Duke of Edinburgh, created Earl of Merioneth at the same time
Baron Mackintosh of Halifax1948Mackintoshextantcreated Viscount Mackintosh of Halifax in 1957
Baron Douglas of Kirtleside1948Douglasextinct 1969 
Baron Braintree1948Crittallextinct 1961 
Baron Clydesmuir1948Colvilleextant 
Baron Webb-Johnson1948Webb-Johnsonextinct 1958 
Baron Maenan1948Taylorextinct 1951 
Baron Williams1948Williamsextinct 1966 
Baron Adams1949Adamsextinct 1960 
Baron Boyd-Orr1949Boyd-Orrextinct 25 June 1971
Baron Macdonald of Gwaenysgor1949Macdonaldextinct 27 January 2002
Baron Badeley1949Badeleyextinct 27 September 1951
Baron Dugan of Victoria1949Duganextinct 17 August 1951
Baron Archibald1949Archibaldextinct 27 February 1996
Baron Wilmot of Selmeston1950Wilmotextinct 22 July 1964
Baron Bilsland1950Bilslandextinct 10 December 1970
Baron Burden1950Burdenextant
Baron Haden-Guest1950Haden-Guestextant
Baron Henderson of Ardwick1950Hendersonextinct 26 February 1950
Baron Lawson1950Lawsonextinct 3 August 1965
Baron Douglas of Barloch1950Douglasextinct 31 March 1980
Baron Silkin1950Silkinextant
Baron Hurcomb1950Hurcombextinct 7 August 1975
Baron Campion1950Campionextinct 6 April 1958
Baron Hives1950Hivesextant
Baron Greenhill1950Greenhillextant
Baron Ogmore1950Rees-Williamsextant
Baron Morris of Kenwood1950Morrisextant
Baron Macpherson of Drumochter1951Macphersonextant
Baron Hungarton1951Crawfordextinct 14 June 1966
Baron McEntee1951McEnteeextinct 11 February 1953
Baron Kenswood1951Whitfieldextant
Baron Freyberg1951Freybergextant
Baron Milner of Leeds1951Milnerextant
Baron Kirkwood1951Kirkwoodextant
Baron Wise1951Wiseextant
Baron Mathers1952Mathersextinct 26 September 1965
Baron Turnour1952Turnourextinct 26 August 1962also Earl Winterton, Viscount Turnour and Baron Winterton in Ireland
Baron Rideau1952Alexanderextantsubsidiary title of the Earl Alexander of Tunis, also Viscount Alexander of Tunis
Baron Simonds1952Simondsextinct 28 June 1971also Baron Simonds for life, created Viscount Simonds on 18 October 1954
Baron Jeffreys1952Jeffreysextant
Baron Rathcavan1953O'Neillextant
Baron Percy of Newcastle1953Percyextinct 3 April 1958
Baron Baillieu1953Baillieuextant
Baron Glyn1953Glynextinct 1 May 1960
Baron Grantchester1953Suenson-Taylorextant
Baron Bennett of Edgbaston1953Bennettextinct 29 September 1957
Baron Salter1953Salterextinct 1975 
Baron Hore-Belisha1954Hore-Belishaextinct 1957 
Baron Strang1954Strangextant 
Baron Dovercourt1954Holmesextinct 1961 
Baron Moore1954Mooreextantalso Earl of Drogheda, Viscount Moore and Baron Moore in Ireland
Baron Coleraine1954Lawextant 
Baron Harvey of Tasburgh1954Harveyextant 
Baron Glassary1954Scrymgeour-Wedderburnextantalso Earl of Dundee, Viscount of Dudhope, Lord Scrymgeour and Lord Inverkeithing in Scotland
Baron Cooper of Culross1954Cooperextinct 1955 
Baron Gridley1955Gridleyextant 
Baron Adrian1955Adrianextinct 1995 
Baron Strathalmond1955Fraserextant
Baron Strathclyde1955Galbraithextant
Baron Masham1955Cunliffe-Listerextantsubsidiary title of the Earl of Swinton, also Viscount Swinton
Baron Conesford1955Straussextinct 28 August 1974
Baron Clitheroe1955Asshetonextant
Baron Heyworth1955Heyworthextinct 15 June 1974
Baron McNair1955McNairextant
Baron McCorquodale of Newton1955McCorquodaleextinct 25 September 1971
Baron Colyton1956Hopkinsonextant
Baron Evershed1956Evershedextinct 3 Oct 1966
Baron Astor of Hever1956Astorextant
Baron Godber1956Godberextinct 10 April 1976
Baron Weeks1956Weeksextinct 19 August 1960
Baron Cohen of Birkenhead1956Cohenextinct 7 August 1977
Baron Sinclair of Cleeve1957Sinclairextant
Baron Mills1957Millsextantcreated Viscount Mills on 22 August 1962
Baron Bridges1957Bridgesextant
Baron Hailes1957Buchan-Hepburnextinct 5 November 1974
Baron Evans1957Evansextinct 26 Oct 1963
Baron Rank1957Rankextinct 29 March 1972
Baron Norrie1957Norrieextant
Baron Brecon1958Lewisextinct 10 Oct 1976
Baron Birkett1958Birkettextant
Baron Harding of Petherton1958Hardingextant
Baron Robins1958Robinsextinct 21 July 1962
Baron Poole1958Pooleextant
Baron Rootes1959Rootesextant
Baron Netherthorpe1959Turnerextant
Baron Crathorne1959Dugdaleextant
Baron Forster of Harraby1959Forsterextinct 24 July 1972
Baron Spens1959Spensextant
Baron MacAndrew1959MacAndrewextant
Baron Nelson of Stafford1960Nelsonextant
Baron Howick of Glendale1960Baringextant
Baron Gladwyn1960Jebbextant
Baron Sanderson of Ayot1960Sandersonextant
Baron Nugent1960Nugentextinct 27 April 1973
Baron Cobbold1960Cobboldextant
Baron Fleck1961Fleckextinct 6 August 1968
Baron Robertson of Oakridge1961Robertsonextant
Baron Marks of Broughton1961Marksextant
Baron Fairhaven1961Broughtonextantalso Baron Fairhaven, which title extinct 20 August 1966
Baron Leighton of Saint Mellons1962Seagerextant
Baron Brain1962Brainextant
Baron Aldington1962Lowextantcreated Baron Low for life on 16 November 1999, which title extinct 7 December 2000
Baron Inchyra1962Millarextant
Baron Lambury1962Lordextinct 13 September 1967
Baron Mabane1962Mabaneextinct 16 November 1969
Baron Dilhorne1962Manningham-Bullerextantcreated Viscount Dilhorne on 7 December 1964
Baron Fyfe of Dornoch1962Fyfeextinct 27 January 1967subsidiary title of the Earl of Kilmuir, also Viscount Kilmuir
Baron Eccles1962Ecclesextantcreated Viscount Eccles on 14 January 1964
Baron Silsoe1963Eveextant
Baron Normanbrook1963Brookextinct 15 June 1967
Baron Weston-super-Mare1963Alexanderextinct 11 January 1965subsidiary title of the Earl Alexander of Hillsborough, also Viscount Alexander of Hillsborough
Baron Drumalbyn1963Macphersonextinct 11 Oct 1987
Baron Wakefield of Kendal1963Wakefieldextinct 12 August 1983
Baron Egremont1963Wyndhamextantalso Baron Leconfield from 1967
Baron Thomson of Fleet1964Thomsonextant
Baron Martonmere1964Robinsonextant
Baron Sherfield1964Makinsextant
Baron Inglewood1964Fletcher-Vaneextant
Baron Glendevon1964Hopeextant
Baron Erskine of Rerrick1964Erskineextinct 7 June 1995
Baron Grimston of Westbury1964Grimstonextant
Baron Erroll of Hale1964Errollextinct 14 September 2000
Baron Renwick1964Renwickextant
Baron Fraser of Allander1964Fraserextinct 5 May 1987
Baron St Helens1964Hughes-Youngextant
Baron Margadale1965Morrisonextant
Baron Killyleagh1986Mountbatten-Windsorextantsubsidiary title of the Duke of York, created Earl of Inverness at the same time

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